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Ancol Luxury Cat Harness & Lead Set with Reflective Moon & Stars

Product Code: 53045
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This rather fetching cat harness and lead set is comfortable, practical and thoroughly useful. It is designed to be easy to fit and it simply unbuckles and rebuckles under the chest with the fixed loop going over the head. As it looks, it is durable and will enable you to go on many outings together (in total style)

Customer Ratings & Reviews
A good performer posted on 18/11/2012 by kendurance
I was very happy with this as it is much more comfortable for the cat than the type that has a neck collarIf it pulls the strain is better distributed across the chest and shoulders to avoid choking I bought a second one for her brother and they are both much more relaxed when out and about
posted on 20/05/2012 by
Excellent cat harness posted on 30/11/2011 by John Butler
This elegant harness is just a Little tricky to fit the first time but once adjusted to the cats size it is comfortable and more secure than harnesses with Velcro closures
Great Item posted on 16/02/2011 by Scarlett
This was bought as our kitten is a bit of a nutter and I was worried about letting him out. Once I'd worked out how it goes on (no instructions) He happily goes outside and seems happy and comfortable.
Good harness posted on 08/11/2010 by statsmrs48
I already had one of these for my elder kitten so was always going to buy one for the smaller girl. My cats are primarily indoor cats so it is a necessity to have a harness if they are to go outside. It takes a few goes to get them used to it but in the end it is comfortable, yet secure,so overall I am very pleased with this product.
Would definately recommend posted on 29/06/2010 by FluffMyFlamingo
I bought this for my cat as in her five years of life she had never been outside and since I've moved to a nicer area I wanted to introduce her gently into the outside world. I was dubious that she'd take to it as she has an utter hatred of collars, however she showed no concern over me fitting it and was happy to be escorted around the garden in it until she was suitably confident to go it alone. As far as I'm concerned it looks good, is easy to fit and is excellent value for money so we were both very happy with it!
Great product posted on 29/04/2010 by blinchik
Besides excellent quality, it is very comfortable and my cat loves it. It goes round the neck but also around chest so there is double security, which also avoids choking. I am very pleased.
Good value. posted on 22/05/2010 by Tigger82
I brought this item for my 8 month old kitten. He loves it! However, I have discovered that he can slip out of the harness, not good. The design is ok but I feel that a longer back panel would stop this from happening.
Okay but way to small for my cat posted on 12/07/2013 by Jennybell
I thought it was for cats but really this harness is ideal for kittens and perhaps really small cats My boy was far too big for it so had to return it Also the plastic clasps are a bit tricky to do especially when your cat is less than impressed with having it put on
Quite dangerous posted on 14/09/2010 by Devilishdemento
My cat absolutely hated this product. I bought it to make sure he wouldn't run away when I let him outside after movig house. Before moving, I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Once outside, he went beserk. He started running in all directions, and he was pulling so hard that I knew that it was probably strangling him. He wouldn't let me try to take it off him and was uncontrollable. After wrapping the lead several times around a pole, he eventually squeezed out of it (which would usually be a negative, but in this case was a good thing). He ran off and it took hours to get him back outside. He used to be a stray for probably a very long time, so for all I know this works better on cats who have been domesticated for a while, but my cat had been domesticated for a year and, well, it was a disaster. It's a bit fiddly to get on, and the only positive I can think of is that it's quite an attractive-looking harness.
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