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Ancol Collar Bells x3

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Be kind to birds and small mammals with these Collar Bells. The RSPB have found that if you place one of these collar bells on your catís collar you cat will catch 41% fewer birds and 34% fewer mammals. This is because they are alerted to your catís presence sooner and have a better chance of escaping. The bells are simple to fit and prevent unnecessary slaughter. They also make a pleasant ringing sound and can let you know where your cat is which is always useful.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great product posted on 21/04/2015 by Met1
I brought these cat bells to put on my puppys coller as he all ways follows me every where All over the house I hear where he is and don't have worry about stepping on him
not annoying posted on 31/07/2014 by Deb100uk66
Nice tinkle of bells not the annoying noise you can get from some bells 1 cat loves to hunt birds so this now give them warning and she hasnt managed to remove it like she usually does
Excellent posted on 26/04/2012 by MGI
Supposed to be for cats but I use them with my small Jack Russell dogs so that I can hear whether they are following me on a walk without constantly having to turn and check as we are walking. Also useful if they dart into the woods you can hear where they are!
Great value posted on 15/02/2010 by
Excellent and noisy, just the thing to stop my moggy catching birds!
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