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Bettacare Pet Gate Plus Cat Flap

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The Bettacare Pet Gate Plus Cat Flap Gate is an extra tall gate to keep your pet firmly where you want them to be. It has been standard tested for children (but, please note, is not recommended for use as a child safety gate, it is just to reassure you that the testing has been very high for this product) and features the following specifications:
  • Patented-double locking handle mechanism
  • Pinch-free hinge

Adjustable Width: 75-84cm
Height: 104cm
Width between slats: 5cm

The other unique useful feature is that it has a cat flap (17 x 17cm), ideal for permitting your cat access to a room, but keeping your dog firmly secure.

There are multiple extensions available for this gate to increase the width up to 148cm.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Brilliant posted on 29/12/2014 by jopeg
I used this to stop the dog pestering the cats in the spare bedroom x28which is where they generally hang out and feedx29 The gate is super easy for them to use and makes the room out of bounds from the puppy The opening and closing is really easy and the whole thing is study couldt be better pleased x29
Good value easy to install posted on 02/10/2014 by Ali
Perfect posted on 14/03/2014 by Barney nibbles
Good value, easy to use, would recommend to buy may even buy another.
Great value for money posted on 07/05/2013 by alysonthsmith
This is truly a great product It did not take my cats long to learn that they can escape through the cat flap It is very easy to fit and very robust I would recommend this for anyone who needs to restrict access for their dog I have a very feisty German Shepherd cross puppy who has yet to break this barricade
great value posted on 15/02/2012 by btina80
My 4 year old Mix Benny and the postman are not very good friends Every time a letter gets pushed throught the letterbox Benny would ran off with it and eat it before I get to read it I bought the Pet Gate and it now keeps him away from Front door and Letterbox when Im not home but still allows my cat to reach his food Great value and was delivered in notime Fantastic
Superb product posted on 22/10/2011 by David J Haydon
So well made perfect for allowing our cats access to their food keeping the puppy away. Fits easily, quickly, well made cannot fault this product and well worth the price.
Loved it posted on 03/08/2011 by loishyett
Have bought this product in preparation for my puppy arriving I wanted to ensure that my cat was able to escape the puppy and also to protect the kitchen from him Fabulous product
Exactly what I was looking for posted on 11/05/2011 by tracey
Having a 17 month old collie cross who would eat all day if I let her I needed to be able to keep her away from the cats food while still allowing them access I was about to buy a normal stair gate when I found this and it is perfect The cat can come and go as she pleases and I know that Sally can neither get upstairs or empty the cats bowls
posted on 05/12/2013 by keavy
This gate is well made and sturdy easy to open with one hand and very simple to fit Unfortunately its also too wide for the narrow doors in our old house so weve had to construct a Heath Robinson affair with bits of wood to fit it in front of the door And even with the smaller cat flap my dog who is twice the size of the cats has worked out that he can get through the flap to the cats food But even with all of this weve kept it up and are using it as a training aid to teach the dog where he cant go
Great value for money posted on 03/09/2013 by Andrea
This gate has been a life saver really helped to introduce my 8 year old over enthusastic springer spaniel to our new kitten kitten can still climb up and over but does stop the dog from eating his food Will still keep it in place even though pets now get on
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