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ProDen PlaqueOff for Cats & Small/Medium Sized Dogs 60g

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Ideal for households with cats or small or medium sized dogs (0-10kg). Plaque Off Animal is a completely natural pet dental product made from seaweed that can significantly help reduce dental plaque and tartar and improve breath in cats and dogs. Since daily brushing of your cat or dogís teeth can be difficult to achieve, this product provides an easy solution to improving your petís oral hygiene.

Unlike most other plaque control products that are applied directly on the teeth, Plaque Off Animal works systematically and comes in powder that is sprinkled on your petís food. When the ingredients are absorbed into the blood via the digestion and enter the saliva, they effectively prevent accumulation of plaque by affecting the ability of plaque to Ďstickí to surfaces in the mouth. Existing tartar becomes porous, loosens by itself, or can be easily removed by brushing or cleaning.

If tartar build-up is left untreated it can result in bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and premature tooth loss. Tartar that is allowed to remain for too long can also cause infections that can spread throughout the body and damage the heart, lung, liver and negatively affect kidney functions.

The active element is a specially selected seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from the clean and cold seas of Norway and Iceland. A 100% all natural product, it is free from artificial colours and preservatives and contains no gluten or sugar.

  • Improvements can usually be seen as early as after 3 to 8 weeks of use

    Suggested dosages:
    Small dogs up to 10kg & cats: Ĺ - 1 scoop per day
    Medium dogs from 10-25kg: 1-2 scoops per day
    Large & Giant Dogs 25kg+: 2-3 scoops per day

    Please refer to this Product Guide for more information.

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    It actually works?!!? posted on 12/08/2016 by John
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    I wasn't sure about this stuff right up until I put a tiny dusting onto my dogs dry food but the results were great. His breath is much better and his teeth seem a bit cleaner as well!!
    posted on 21/07/2016 by elizabeth dymond
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    a excellent product cant fault it amazing results will tell other people about it ,my dog wont be 3 year old till October and his teeth was really getting a lot of plaque on them even the vet mentioned them when he went for his booster injection so glad I came across the proden plaque away.
    Really works. posted on 28/06/2016 by Margie
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    My fussy cats actually seem to find this palatable and even in just two weeks their breath is less smelly. I was sceptical when I bought this, but am definitely impressed.
    Great product! posted on 19/06/2016 by Dizzylizzy
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    This was recommended by my vet to keep my little cairn terrier's teeth clean and his breath fresh. Happy to report it does both. He had a very small amount of plaque on his back teeth and this has now almost gone. I sprinkled the appropriate dose on his food and he eats it with no complaint - and he is an extremley fussy eater!
    great price for this product posted on 09/05/2016 by Pamela Lyddon
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    I have used plaque off on my 8 year old tibetan terrier for many years and her teeth are in excellent condition!!!
    Easy to use, Positive results posted on 01/05/2015 by grumpyelephant
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    I need a new dental health regime for my cats. The had plaque build up and smelly breath. I was not confident on using toothpaste and brush for a first start dental product. They don't drink enough for a mouth wash, and other dental treat products just weren't doing the job. Plaque off is really easy to use. It has an odour, which even in the small dose used can still be smelt. One of my cats was not bothered by it but one did hesitate. And after a couple of days is completely used to it. But I have to say, I'am confident in using it, which makes the price worth it. There was a marked improvement in both cats breath in just a couple of days, and I now that it will just keep improving with time. The tub is smallish in size but full with product, and the dose spoon is only small. It will last a good few months, for a small dog/ cat.
    Love it posted on 23/02/2015 by Mollie the Springer
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    Thanks for the speedy despatch of the product Keeps my dogs teeth clean and healthy and her breath fresh She just tries to chew toothbrushes so cleaning her teeth isnt easy Plaque off is an ideal dental health solution for her One tub lasts ages x2856 monthsx29 so great value
    Really great product posted on 27/01/2015 by dizzylizzy
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    I bought this after it was recommended to me by my vet for my cairn terrier who had a little build up on his back teeth Its worked wonders His teeth are gleaming and no more smelly breath I thought it was going to work out quite a pricey product to use but you only need a small scoop full daily x28which is providedx29 so actually its excellent value for money I will definately be buying it again
    What a wonderful find posted on 29/12/2014 by Kris from Kent
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    All three of my dogs and my cat have this on their dinner and what a difference it has made My two small terriers had a lot of brown hard scale on their teeth Within a month of using this product it had softened and easily scraped off Their teeth are now white and shiney The large dog and the cats teeth are a lot whiter I have told my friends about this product and now three of them use it for their dogs and cats
    It really works posted on 27/11/2014 by
    Product Reviewed: 60g
    My dog is 11 now and was starting to have problems with his teeth The vet said he would have to have a clean and may have to have some teeth out This bothered me due to his age and the fact he would have to be asleep for it doing Came home from the vet googled for another way to help him and his teeth and came across this product He has been on it for a week now and his breath is far better Only thing I wasnt happy with isdelivery took 10 days It was despatched fast but delivery company let them down
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