Aquamidas Fresha Flush
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Aquamidas Fresha Flush

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FreshaFlush uses the natural biocidal effects of real silver and gold that, when immersed in water destroys germs including viruses, bacteria, fungus and water-borne diseases. FreshaFlush gives a sterile, chemical free flush everytime. The ultra strong neodymium magnet crystalises limescale which prevents limescale forming on toilet surfaces. FreshaFlush is everlasting and very effective. FreshaFlush prevents the need for bleaching toilets and replaces flushing blocks, this has a great environmental impact. Freshaflush keeps water fresh, clean and odour free. FreshaFlush has been laboratory tested and proved effective, to approved European Standards. A high quality, hygienic, everlasting product made from natural materials.


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews:
Overstated posted on 31/07/2012 by Mulan Nala
Saying that FreshaFlush prevents the need for bleaching toilets and replaces flushing blocks is an overstatement and seems to say that it will keep the loo clean It so far has not prevented the need to bleach and I cannot see any difference at all Maybe it prevents limescale in the long term but I cant tell So far it seems to do nothing Maybe if you have a dog that drinks from the loo it says the water is cleaner but keeping the loo sit closed is a cheaper option

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