Keep Off the Sofa - Pet Controller
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Keep Off the Sofa - Pet Controller

No more soiled or scratched furniture with this Keep off the Sofa clever animal repeller mat!

Simply lay it on your sofa, chair, bed or anywhere else you want to deter an animal from, and as soon as your pet sits or walks on the mat, its sonic “scream” will harmlessly scare them away! Not just for the sofa however, you can also use it anywhere you don't want your dog to go, like bedrooms or tables.

  • On/off switch
  • Requires 1 x 9v battery (not included)
  • Colour: black

    Dimensions: L132 x W29 wide x D4cm.

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    Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

  • Customer Reviews:
    Dog hates it I love it posted on 24/06/2013 by Jill
    I put this on one end of the settee hanging over the arm which is near the window My Jack Russells will bark at anything everything Whilst one of them will ignore the noise on occasions most of the time it works well If nothing else it alerts me of their wrong doing when Im not in the same room
    Really works posted on 22/05/2013 by Pelly
    Bought two of these one for the sofa and one for my bed and yes they really work My two little Jack Russells have finally understood that their place is in their own beds they have two each
    Sounds great posted on 21/05/2013 by karen
    I asked my mum to try this out before bringing it to me in Tenerife She is so impressed she wants to borrow them to train her dog first
    Just a fantastic invention posted on 21/05/2013 by Brambles Mum
    I have a very energetic Labradoodle who was leaping from sofa to sofa in welcome to anyone who visited Not any more she keeps well away from the sofas When I am in I lay them on the floor under the window which stops her barking at whoever is in the street They are just wonderful mats
    Brilliant product posted on 21/05/2013 by minxter
    I bought 3 of these to stop dogs jumping onto the beds Worked a treat theyve not even tried since setting off the first bleep
    Great product posted on 14/05/2013 by Evelyn
    Sabre just needs to see it and does not jump up on the couch No more saliva up the windows
    posted on 13/05/2013 by Linda
    This s the second one iv bought they do work if my dog sees it they walk right passed couchi lent it to a friend to try and she ended up buying onegreat product great price
    Fantastic posted on 21/04/2013 by Happy chappy
    I bought three of these to put on my kitchen work tops to stop my cats jumping on them Worked from the time I put them on the tops Now i have taken them off and the cats dont jump up anymore They are now on the dinning room table They have really worked
    Furniture saver posted on 29/03/2013 by Thanet
    My English Toy Terrier stopped going up into the furniture the first time I used it No more sneaking up on furniture during the night This is cheaper than buying a new arm chair
    Amazing it works posted on 03/01/2013 by Rob
    Never thought anything would keep three stubborn dogs off the sofas After they tried once with this product on the sofa they have never tried again Great product and yet again excellent service and postage from Petplanet

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