Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Junior & Dwarf Rabbits 2Kg

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Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Junior and Dwarf Rabbits is a delicious, complementary food for baby rabbits and is also suitable for dwarf rabbits, due to its high nutrient levels and the animalís high metabolism. Providing this tasty choice means that your rabbit has a food that is high in protein, fibre and rich in nutrients, which equals one happy rabbit!

This food is specially blended to contain elements that are needed by rabbits in this age range or of this size.

  • With a beneficial fibre content of 39%
  • It has a prebiotic and a probiotic to develop young digestive systems
  • It includes amino acids for growing rabbits
  • It has higher protein for muscle development
  • It is fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat
  • It contains natural anti-oxidants to boost the immune system

With 100% natural, wholesome ingredients, this food is delicious and prevents against selective feeding. This food contains Mint to aid digestion, approx 1.25%. Suitable for Junior and Dwarf Rabbits aged 1+ weeks.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
YUM From the bunnies posted on 21/06/2014 by MotherDragon
Product Reviewed: 10kg
The bunnies love this They are still quite shy and this is the only thing that sometimes encourages them out of their cage to stuff a first mouthful
Happy bunnies posted on 05/09/2012 by kayla68
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I swaped my older bunnies on to this as they kept getting upset stomachs and its worked there much happier now and the bowl is always empty by the end of the day
She loves it! posted on 08/02/2011 by pennyjoann
Product Reviewed: 2Kg
I started off by mixing this in with her old food at first, but she just left her old food, she loves it! Obviously much tastier than the rabbit mixed food!
The rabbits love it posted on 16/07/2010 by Rachael
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I was a little concerned when I first got the two lop-eared bunnies that they wouldn't like this food but they can't wait for me to feed them in the mornings. This is such good value, the bag will last a long time.
Great Stuff posted on 31/05/2010 by Wills Mum
Product Reviewed: 10kg
My mini lops adore this. And I like that it's so cheap on this site! Quick delivery too
goes down a treat! posted on 11/05/2010 by gemma
Product Reviewed: 2Kg
I was given some food from the people i got my bunnies off to wean them on to this food that i had brought for them, but they will only eat this one and leave the other food!! so it must be a good sign! i have two bunnies and still got loads left! i will be buying this food again!!
posted on 20/08/2009 by val-bayley
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Bit slow on letting me know that the item was out of stock but apologies were accepted but hey I was told del within 2 wks but it was delivered within 4 days. Great goin keep up the good work! Your a star! I'll recommend you. I will order from you again thanx val
BEST YOU CAN BUY posted on 19/08/2009 by andreaskelton03
Product Reviewed: 4kg
This product leaves me confident I am feeding my rabbits the best food I can purchase. Between the pair of them they go through 2 bowls of it a day, so i guess that says how tasty it is!
The Junior Rabbits loved this and so did the adult mother.lol posted on 26/07/2009 by yoda_wrs
Product Reviewed: 4kg
The rabbits loved this and always had there dishes empty
Recommend this food posted on 25/07/2009 by Jan Scott
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I am so glad I have switched our new bunny to this food, no more picky eating
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