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Kitty City Cozy Bed

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This Kitty City Cozy Bed will engage your cat, keeping your pet happy and entertained. The idea is that you can choose which of the cubes you wish to combine and make your cat their very own interactive ‘Kitty City’. The Cozy Bed offers your cat a snug and cosy place to sleep.

It features:

  • 1 x cozy bed
  • 1 x platform
  • 8 x easy fittings to firmly hold the cubes together
  • 2 x half moon toy
  • 12 x reinforced pipes
  • 4 x stability caps

Kitty City cubes encourage your cat to have an active lifestyle and promote exercise, covering all areas of your cat’s needs, pouncing, playing, scratching, jumping, climbing and hiding to name a few! They discourage boredom, inactive and destructive behaviour.

Reassuringly all products in the range have been tested for durability, safety and customer value and this collection has got an official paws up from a party of feline testers! They don’t look detrimental in your home, but can be a focal point! You will love watching your cat on their amazing new toy. Let your cat be a cat!

All Kitty City units are fully interchangeable. Buy any one unit or multiple units and the pieces can be connected and shared to build and create your own unique play structures. It is as simple as that!

When assembled the Cozy Bed cube is W45.1 x D45.1 x H43.8cm
Load capacity: 9kg

Whether you want to purchase 1 cube to stand alone or go all out and buy the whole collection, you will not be disappointed with the quality and fun factor!

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Amazingly sturdy cats love it posted on 31/12/2014 by susieg
My cats love the Kitty City range Some of it is a bit flimsy but this piece is very sturdy and even takes the weight of my 6KG Persian boy
PetPlanet Says:
Pet Planet would like to thank the customer for the comments in this review
Kittytastic posted on 17/11/2014 by
This product is excellent and my big boy ragdoll fitted great in the bed area it looks small initially but its deceiving My kity Kat Leo takes the top perch as he is the king of the castle x29 All round a great product
posted on 28/10/2014 by tiggyntazzy1
The boys loves these bed they can sleep on either top bunk of bottom they love them great
Snowys favourite spot posted on 05/09/2014 by Crb1v07
This cosy little bed has become snowys favourite sleeping spot It is nice and cosy on the inside and it has a canopy over the top to make the cats feel secure Sometimes Tinky sleeps on the top so it is like a cat bunk bed I have two small adult cats x2836kgx29 and they fit perfectly however I suspect larger cats would fit in too
MY CAT LOVED IT posted on 01/08/2014 by vvisvardi
Most Used Item posted on 15/07/2014 by kirstenarthur1
Our cat is a fuss we have bought a few different types of beds that have gone barley used but this one seems to get her approval, she spends plenty of time on it watching the tv and sleeping in both areas
My cats favourite place posted on 13/02/2014 by newfprewf
I added this to other kitty city sections and my cat is in seventh heaven.
Fantastic A fourposter bed for my pussycats posted on 09/01/2014 by mariannekern
This is a brilliant product in every respect So I bought two of them and theyre rarely unoccupied Of course they spend so much time sleeping in them that it rather defeats the purpose of an activity centre And its deceptively roomy Sometimes my cat gets so thoroughly ensconced in it that I cant find him I thoroughly recommend it to everyone But be warned if youve got more than one cat youll need to buy one for each of your pets or theyll be fighting each other off
I just love kitty city posted on 12/09/2013 by becstarz
My cat isnt as keen on this bed as our office chair but its a great addition to the kitty city My friends love our kitty city and have started building their own by buying from here Seriously get it cats love it
Brilliant addition to kitty city posted on 26/10/2012 by amblelea111
My cats love this its very cosy they love the added toy that dangles above the bed highly recommend
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