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The collection of Kitty City cubes will engage your cat, keeping them happy and entertained. The idea is that you can choose which of the cubes you wish to combine and make your cat their very own interactive ‘Kitty City.’ The Climbing Hill offers your cat a challenge as they must remained balanced and agile. An ideal choice for encouraging your cat up to climb and explore another cube. It features:

  • 1 x platform
  • 1 x durable sisal ramp with
  • 1 x durable sisal scratching post to promote healthy paws and protect furniture
  • 6 x easy fittings to firmly hold the cubes together
  • 1 x plug and play toy
  • 10 x reinforced pipes
  • 4 x stability caps

Kitty City cubes encourage your cat to have an active lifestyle and promote exercise, covering all areas of your cat’s needs, pouncing, playing, scratching, jumping, climbing and hiding to name a few! They discourage boredom, inactive and destructive behaviour. Reassuringly all products in the range have been tested for durability, safety and customer value and this collection has got an official paws up from a party of feline testers! They don’t look detrimental in your home, but can be a focal point! You will love watching your cat on their amazing new toy. Let your cat be a cat!

All Kitty City units are fully interchangeable. Buy any one unit or multiple units and the pieces can be connected and shared to build and create your own unique play structures. It is as simple as that! When assembled the Climbing Hill cube is W45.1xD45.1xH43.8cm (17.75x17.75x17.25”)

Whether you want to purchase 1 cube to stand alone or go all out and buy the whole collection, you will not be disappointed with the quality and fun factor!

Kitty city items can hold up to 20 lbs (9kg)

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Good value posted on 26/02/2015 by jlubbock
Easy to put up and attach to the Tower which I bought at the same time However my two 5 year old cats are not very keen on climbing the hill the fabric moves as they put weight on it so currently only use it as a roof over their heads I still think its good value and makes the tower a bit more interesting
Kitties love their city posted on 22/02/2015 by sparkie60
Ordered this item as part of a larger bundle I was really impressed how easily the pieces join together into almost any configuration you can imagine and the pieces feel good quality for the cost Its fair to say the cats adore their new jungle gym and Id thoroughly recommend to other owners Our largest cat is a bit unnerved by the fact it moves under him but for a small to normal cat its fine
posted on 16/02/2015 by Francesca
I bought several kitty city items for the first time all at once for my 3 cats After the inital shock at the amount of poles and connectors I found it easy to get to grips with but realised x28after Id put a couple togetherx29 I really had to plan how to put it together as not all sides could connect due to fabric placements Would help immensely if the velcro fastening was available on all 4 sides on all products It did look good finished although not sure any of my cats initially agreed It does wobble quite a bit when they jump onoff it heavier weighted feet would work well But its stayed upright I felt I didnt have as much freedom in my design as I had expected and would possibly have bought different products knowing what I know about it now I ended up with loads of spare parts which is great and Id definitely add more to it in the future and rearrange it all
cat heaven posted on 23/11/2014 by shaz
easy to put together used with 3 other kitty city items My cats love it
great value posted on 02/09/2014 by Louise
This is easy to put together and sturdy enough for my cats I did have a faulty part but pet planet were excellent and sent me a replacement Keeps the cats off the sofa Only point Id make is that you cant connect this to other kitty city products
Kittens love this posted on 11/06/2013 by Mia and Mileys Mum
Ive got two of these to go with the Tunnel Tower and Hideaway I like being to make different combinations and to make a three story high climbing pole which my two 12 week old kittens climb up no problems They love the noise the fabric makes and they love playing on it and climbing in it They especially love the little tunnel which doesnt take up loads of room Brilliant Fabulous service too from Pet Planet
Fantastic posted on 10/10/2012 by catg
I bought this along with the tunnel tower for our new kitten as a previous cat play centre was not used by our cats then got chucked out as it was in the way This is brilliant as the shape of it can be changed to fit the space its in if it doesnt get much use can be packed away into a little box The kitten loves it though he loves to hide in it and jump out at anyone passing
BRILLIANT posted on 09/07/2012 by GlitzyGypsy
My cats love this - it makes a great addition to the sleepy corner.
my kittens think this is the real biz posted on 19/04/2012 by juliewebber60
kitty city is the best it gives the kittens so many places to hide if you combine a few pieces we have trouble finding them because they get good at hiding with 4 maine coon kittens it is unto the job and is very substantial good value for money
Great if used with another module posted on 27/02/2012 by Inks
This item was really easy to put together and the only failing is that I had also bought the hideaway corner and the two were not really suited to make a single unit purely because I have a tiny living room. The climing hill does need to be stabilised with another module as my kits freaked when it fell over the first time they had a funny five minutes on it A great product but better if you have a lot of room
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