Bob Martin Antibacterial Premium Clumping Litter 15Lt

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Bob Martin Antibacterial Premium Clumping Cat Litter is the perfect choice for your catís litter tray. With special anti-bacterial properties, it works to kill harmful bacteria to keep the tray as hygienic as possible. It is an anti-bacterial, ultra absorbent, clumping litter and this means that it is easily cleaned up. Plus it has great odour control, a good all round choice! Tip: You should make sure you have a 4-6Ē coverage in your tray to ensure adequate waste capture.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Value for money posted on 10/02/2015 by slimthing62
Since i acquired two cats about 9 weeks ago i have been looking for clumping cat litter I have tried different producrs but when i tried Bob Martins i knew i had found the best It clumps without breaking up when you scoop it up I would recommend this item to everyone who is looking for clumping litter
Good price and quality posted on 09/11/2014 by Bulka
Very good clumping litter Binds firmly Works very well in SmartSift
Brilliant litter posted on 23/06/2012 by gibraltarbabe
This cat litter clumps really well because the grains are fine my cat finds it harder to throw out of the litter tray
Great Product posted on 08/06/2012 by Anakha
I have tried vertually every clumping litter on the market and this product is by far the best i have tried Clumps without the usual mush and very easy to clean the tray A little Expensive but well worth the extra money
Good clumping and masks odour quite well posted on 19/08/2012 by Jennybell
This litter is more expensive than some but I have found it clumps better and I can remove the clumps very easily There is also less smell from the litter tray so it doesnt need completely emptied as often I will buy again
Dont Like this posted on 19/06/2012 by bev5985
Not too keen on this far too fine and turns mudlike when wet much prefer the other box martin litter

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