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Nishikoi Micro Clear 6 x 400 gallon tablets

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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Nishikoi Micro Clear

Nishikoi Micro Clear is an advanced algae and blanketweed treatment. Triple action Micro Clear will do more however than just control blanketweed. Firstly, each tablet contains millions of mirco-organisms to lower the amount of Nitrate to a level where algae and blanketweed find it hard to survive. Secondly, another type of micro-organism digests the organic waste on the bottom of the pond. Thirdly, the microbes found in Micro Clear compete against disease forming pathogens that cause bacteria and fungal problems.

Micro Clear is a natural, organic treatment and not chemical based. It is completely safe to use with all types of pond fish and plants. Micro Clear contains no heavy metals to control blanketweed growth. There is no need to turn off UV sterilisers when using Micro Clear and because it is organic it cannot be overdosed.

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