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Rotastak Choc Drops are a yummy treat for your small animal and are ideal as a complementary treat or reward.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Hamster Loves Them posted on 13/12/2014 by dpw
Hamster loves these as treats You can hide them anywhere and she sniffs them out
Garnet adores these posted on 07/06/2012 by HamsterExpert101
My Syrian hamster Garnet loves these treats They are really cheap and you get quite a few drops for what you pay for Although I would not recommend giving more than 23 treats per day and are not suitable for dwarf hamsters due to the high sugar content
Moomin is addicted posted on 01/05/2012 by BeckyBee
Moomin the hamster wakes up during the day especially to get some of these from me - they have helped me get to handle him too
Hamster loves them posted on 02/08/2010 by jbrewster121
Hamster really likes these treats, good value too.
My customers love them posted on 27/01/2010 by Gixer
I give these away, along with dried pasta to each of my customers as a treat for their Fuzzies - the customers love it and say it's a great touch :o
Rabbit Lola loves them posted on 25/09/2009 by rothko
Every night we give these as a bedtime treat and the rabbit loves them - goes completely crazy for these, also give a good "bonding" experience for both owner and rabbit.
hammy cant get enough posted on 27/06/2009 by psi-wizz-kid
my hamster loves them but remember there just a treat.
posted on 18/04/2009 by susanwanstall
Yumtastic Rabbit Treats posted on 12/03/2009 by Guinea Girl of 2
All 10 rabbits that I've kept went wild for all varieties of these drops. It wasn't just that they like chocolate, as they would barely sniff other drops. I'm hoping that thy'll be as big a hit with guinea pigs.
Recommend this product posted on 31/01/2009 by holz1993
My 2 Rabbit's called: "Sugar and Spice" seem to enjoy the choco drops rather than the milk choco drops there do anything to have them but, my other rabbit's called: "Oreo and Thumper" they seem to prefer the milk choco drops rather than the choco drops. They are cheap so i buy a bag of choco drops and a bag of milk choco drops. My rabbits also like the fruity rotastak drops which i have been feeding them recently and they seem to love them. My rabbits are only 12 weeks and they can't get enough of them. I'd recommend these treats. They always behave themselves when they see the treats coming! and almost hanging there tongue's out of there mouths. I have two rexes and two medium breeds but don't know what there called
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