Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g
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Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

Naturals are tasty, health small animal treats made from natural ingredients. Created as a great tasting way to provide your animal with an appealing and stimulating snack that is also full of healthy sustenance, these crunchy and aromatic snacks contain fenugreek seed which is known as a natural appetite stimulant, and, like all hard or crispy treats, they will also help to wear down growing teeth. With Naturals treats, you can be sure your giving your small animal a fun, healthy and tasty treat. 200g.

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Customer Reviews:
my bun goes mad for them posted on 24/02/2014 by Bongo
Nice and hard too so keep teeth down
Healthy treats posted on 16/10/2012 by BUNSARUS
We have 25 rescue rabbits and they absolutely go mad for Fenugreek Crunchies and what I like about them is they are a healthy treat Rabbits go mad for them
posted on 29/09/2012 by FAYE40
My 3 fussy buns tk maybe a wk to get used to fenugreeks But once they didthey love them They come up to cage door put their paws up for them at fenugreek time 1 of my lionheads is overweightso these are the ideal treatcos no sugar in them Vgd value aswell Plse make more natural treats awww def need a larger range of treats with no added sugar
Chinchillas love them posted on 31/08/2012 by starworship
I could not find these locally and my chinchillas love them So glad I could find a supplier again
Rabbits and chinchilla love these healthy treats posted on 05/07/2012
The rabbits will do anything for a fenugreek crunchie they are a favourite treat Our Chinchilla has an occasional crunchie too and loves them You can easily break them up and hand feed them to help with socialising your small pets
Buns favourite posted on 27/06/2012 by singaporesal
My buns have always loved these treats They grab hold of one each and race to different parts of the run to savour them Im glad they are available here because my local Pets store haven't stocked them for ages
Fantastic Treat posted on 10/04/2012 by lozzal2
My dwarf lop Smudge has had these treats for years and never gets bored of themTheyre great for stimulating his appetite and I hide them in his hay so he can forage for them Hes never had any trouble with his teeth as these are hard and crunchy just the way bunnies like them
Chinchilla loves these posted on 04/02/2012 by iammags
My chinchilla loves these and I have been unable to find them again till now
bunnies love these posted on 03/02/2012 by xXbunnymummyXx
my 3 bunnies good mad for these my adopted bunny olly was soo timid when i got him but now dives on me for his daily fenugreek or 2 if u havent tried them do it ur bunnies will soon become addicted
My rabbits love these posted on 31/08/2011 by aflagomorphs
My three rabbits look forward to their Fenugreek Crunchies every day, they come running and sit with their paws up as soon as I mention the words Fenugreek Crunchie or start rustling the packet .There's even a song they've learnt Who'd like a fenugreek crunchie? Very clever bunnies, and these are excellent for their teeth

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