Mikki Nursing Kit 6211-106
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Mikki Nursing Kit 6211-106

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The Mikki Nursing Kit comprises of a non-toxic polythene feeding bottle and latex teats for feeding small animals. Includes spare teat and cleaning brush. This product can be sterilised and reused.


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews:
Great item to feed little ones posted on 28/05/2008 by dianasdream1979
Easy to use & great for little ones
Fantastic posted on 15/05/2008
I have 4 kittens,so i needed some extra bottles for 1 of the 3 bigger kittens and this is fantastic.
Indispensable store cupboard equipment! posted on 04/02/2007 by Susie
I've been using this product for many years, as I'm involved in animal rescue and have reared orphaned kittens, puppies, rabbits and hedgehogs and even a litter of rats, with its help. However I've never before been able to buy it so cheaply - at the vet and my high street pet shop, I was paying more than double the price PetPlanet is charging. This feeding kit beats, hands down, those glass banana-shaped bottles and any other type I've tried (and I once even went as far as begging for dolls' bottles from a toy manufacturer .. those were actually second best!) Depending on how far down the teat you cut, you can have a tiny hole for one size or age of baby, or a larger one for a smaller or weaker, or older baby. (Just be careful you don't flood & choke the animal or, conversely, make it have to suck harder than it has strength for.) The bottle and teats can be sterilised by either steeping in sterilising fluid or by boiling - although that tends to make the teats harden and crack sooner - and the bottle brush is just so useful ... this is the only kit I've found which includes one, and of course normal sizes won't even begin to go into such a tiny bottle. Just as an aside to anyone new to hand-rearing orphans .. two tips to remember are: it's absolutely VITAL to finish each feeding session by gently rubbing the baby's bum with a soft damp tissue or suchlike, as otherwise it won't be able to do the necessary, and toxins will build up inside and kill it; and purely personal experience .. I find a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of evaporated milk and boiled, cooled water is far less likely to constipate the baby than the proprietory mixes available at much higher cost!

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