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Back 2 Nature 20litres

Product Code: 55053
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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Choosing Back 2 Nature Small Animal Litter Pellets is not only the environmentally friendly litter choice, but you and your pet can reap many other benefits. Suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles, Back 2 Nature is the choice in litter.

  • The pellets are biodegradable, they offer natural odour control and have no chemical or other additives incorporated.
  • The litter is super absorbent and economical on your pocket
  • The litter is lightweight and features an easy pour spout and convenient carry handles
  • Virtually dust free, there will be minimal debris transferred to your home

20 litre size.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great litter posted on 11/07/2012 by sueatwoodburn
This is a great litter for small animals Excellent absorbency Great value Definitely buy this in future
Great value product posted on 08/06/2012 by stephen crewdson
A very effective litter and easy to remove waste
Great odour control posted on 17/06/2012 by ES
I use this for my bunnys litter tray I have been using wood chips till now but this is a lot better It controls odours muchmuch better its very absorbent easier to clean and doesnt stick to the feet so it doesnt get carried out of the cage Very happy with it although it doesnt last nearly as long as a big pack of wood chips
great posted on 11/02/2011 by Wills Mum
I was using shavings before in their litter tray but it got damp quite quickly. I wish I'd been using this from the start. Very absorbent so much more hygienic. It is expensive though :(
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