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Pettex Compressed XLarge Bale Meadow Hay

Product Code: 5753
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This extra large bale of compressed Meadow Hay is great for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. Meadow hay is a natural unmolested product taken from old fashioned, often protected, meadows that are an important part of our countryside and smells sweet and fresh. Cut from an old, established pasture, it is likely to have a diverse range of different grasses, making it cosy and warm for your pets.

  • Dust-free
  • Healthy and hygienic

    Dimensions: W38 x D15 x H61cm
    Weight: 3.7kg

    Please note: Very occasionally, small hawthorn branches, thistles etc. can be hidden in the long grass and is picked up with the hay.

    Please also note: the packaging may differ to that shown in our image as the supplier has changed the packaging. It is still the same product.

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    Hay on demand posted on 09/04/2014 by Malcolm J Reece
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    This is a good product for Guinea Pigs and in my view. Pet Planet is a well organised company who delivers efficiently and promptly. Will be using them again.
    Great value posted on 28/01/2014 by Jill
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    Very good sized bale for the price Good quality and cheaper than my local pet superstore
    great value hay posted on 06/09/2013 by judenton64
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    I have been buying this hay for over a year now Its good quality hay and is used for bedding and eating for my 2 rabbits Like all hays it varies throughout the year but is always good and smells fresh I do occasionally find a piece of thistle in the odd pack but its easy to find and remove All in all BRILL
    Excellent quality value posted on 03/06/2013 by SallyM
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    I have been using this hay as bedding in my guinea pigs cage for a couple of months now and am really pleased with it The quality is always excellent the price is good for the amount you get and its even better value when its on offer As with all hay it varies from pack to pack eg sometimes its more golden and strawlike and other times its more green and fluffy but my piggies always love it and so far I havent come across any nasty pricklythorny branches as I have done in the past with other brands Highly recommended
    lovely hay posted on 29/05/2013 by lynnmettam
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    Lovely hay fresh smelling green strands nice long lengths my guineas love it I love the price Will order again soon
    great for guinea pigs posted on 31/12/2012 by jane
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    my guinea pigs are very happy with this hay because it stays in a tunnel shape when they burrow through itand they enjoy eating it
    great value posted on 29/12/2012 by barthola
    Product Reviewed: Mini
    I use this meadow hay alternatively with the Timothy hay to give the rabbits a bit of variation it makes a great bedding as well as a great source of fibre in the night bit of the hutch but i also use it in the rack in the day bit and in the wire ball they always finish it I also put it in the toilet corner if i run out of pellets or wood shavings but it does need to bechanged everyday if there is no cat litter under it because it does not absorb the smell and the urine
    Great value posted on 28/10/2012 by Mrs O
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    Great value x28its hugex29 and virtualy dustfree Favourite food of my two bunnies theyre always happy to receive this as their main staple Lasts us about 34 weeks per bale Cant recommend it enough
    Rabbit loves this hay posted on 16/10/2012 by steve
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    Top quality rabbit loves this hay a good buy at buy 1 get 1 half price
    Great value posted on 08/08/2012 by Calline
    Product Reviewed: XLarge
    My rabbits love this for feed and bedding & good quality and price.
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