Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber for Dogs

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The Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber for Dogs is a single shock absorber lead attachment designed to take some strain when out walking your dog. With the revolutionary use of bungee material which stretches when your dog pulls whilst on a lead, this attachment will absorb the shock and impact if they suddenly take off after another dog / animal. Also reduces strain on your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

Suitable for medium-large dogs.

Length approximately 40cm (when relaxed).

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Bungee Shock Absorber ideal posted on 16/08/2014 by JohnPat
My little crossed Staffie has a habit of shooting off in one direction or the other usually wrenching my arm I was wary of this product because it didnt look strong but I had no need to worry it is well made and a lot stronger than it looks I thoroughly recommend this Bungee Shock Absorber
Life changer posted on 12/06/2014 by Jen841
This is such a simple little thing but makes such a difference if your dog tends to chase or jump up Attached to the end of a training lead meant our staffy can hurtle off in different directions without the risk of pulling us over when he reaches the end Not too stretchy but adds just the right amount of bounce
Love It posted on 23/05/2014 by cewright
I have a young bouncy Rottweiler who thinks that all Pheasants are his personal toys This has saved my shoulders and made our walks so much more enjoyable
Shoulder saver posted on 04/01/2014 by sallykidd1
Bought this for my husband to use when running with our young rescued rottweiler who has obviously never seen pheasants before It takes the strain wonderfully If it can manage to reduce her pulling effect it can manage most dogs Fantastic speedy delivery from Pet Planet in time for Christmas It was her Christmas present to him
Less pain posted on 18/08/2012 by madradmid
Bought one each for my 2 Bassets to use on normal retractable leads What an innovation No more sharp jerks as the younger dog chases something much easier to control 2 dogs on the Flexis with these Cheap does exactly what they are meant to Thanks
Very good value posted on 19/07/2012 by MGI
I bought these in the hope that I could use them to make a triple lead as in a couple but for three pups but they do not work as I had hoped and they tangle when the puppies keep swopping positions. However they are very strong and excellent quality although I would imagine it would need to be quite a large dog to actually stretch them as they are quite thick bungee Mine are only Jack Russells
Ideal posted on 22/05/2012 by LK
I bought this as its recommended to use a bungee lead if running with your dog. I use it with my whippet and it's very useful as it helps to prevent a sudden jerk if he suddenly stops. For normal use I find it doesn't give you full control while the dog is on the lead as he then can stretch it
lucky owner posted on 15/03/2012 by lucky dogs
my dog is approx 15kgs and since discovering rabbits and cats is hurling herself about at a high speed this product has saved my shoulders and back as it takes the jolt out when my dog rushes off it also saves her as she is stopped but gently instead of being jerked off her feet simple but very effective
Excellent posted on 19/05/2011 by delaneychd
I needed something to absorb the impact of an over enthusiastic Lakeland x border terrier when he sets off at maximum speed and hes still on his lead He can go from a standing start to 100mph in less than a second This product makes a vast difference for both of us My elbows no longer hurt and my dog does not get the jolt on his neck which must make a difference for him I use it on an extending lead with ease I found it trickier on the normal lead tho we manage the extra length just needs getting used to I got one for my other dog too a Spaniel x tho his sudden acceleration doesnt reach 100mph unless theres a taunting pheasant nearby Hes a bigger heavier dog and it works great for him too
Excellent! My back is very grateful of it! posted on 19/10/2010 by silverdogs
I bought this to put on the end of an extending lead because the jerk when my Weimaraner got to the end of the lead was really hurting my back. It probably wasn't doing his back any good either so it's been good for both of us and I wouldn't use the extending lead without it. It also gives him a bit of extra length on a normal lead which is handy when you have two dogs wanting to pee on bushes in opposite directions! I am going to buy another for my other dog.

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