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Hurtta Dog Outdoor Overalls Black - Back Length 20-28cm
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Hurtta Dog Outdoor Overalls Black - Back Length 20-28cm

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The Black Hurtta Outdoor Overall grants your dog freedom of movement and still gives great protection against the elements. Each detail has been designed with a specific benefit and they are suitable for both sexes. They offer comfort and water and wind protection. The fabric is breathable, flexible and noise-free. Visibility is taken care of with reflectors and tapered seams. You will find them easy to put on / take off with a zipper in the back. The elements no longer have to stop your four legged friend having a fun time!

Available in 5 sizes, please choose below:
Overall 201cm: Back length: 20cm, Neck: 27cm, Chest 41cm, Waist: 38cm, Front leg inner: 3cm

Overall 221cm: Back length: 22cm, Neck: 32cm, Chest 46cm, Waist: 43cm, Front leg inner: 5cm

Overall 252cm: Back length: 25cm, Neck: 33cm, Chest 50cm, Waist: 45cm, Front leg inner: 7cm

Overall 252cm: Back length: 25cm, Neck: 37cm, Chest 54cm, Waist: 43cm, Front leg inner: 9cm

Overall 281cm: Back length: 28cm, Neck: 33cm, Chest 53cm, Waist: 47cm, Front leg inner: 10cm

To accurately measure your dog, please click here for Hurtta measurement information. Requires Adobe Reader.


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews:
posted on 04/10/2012 by brianmutch
these are amazing posted on 21/11/2010 by debstott82
ive got 2 shih tzus and they wear these every winter. they are by far the best overalls on the market. i bought the cozy pet ones as they are considerably cheaper but trust me they are no where near as good, the legs seemed ok at first but when they ran in wet grass and got heavy they slipped off leaving my dogs really confused as to why they couldnt walk. the hurtta ones however stay in place properly. the legs have elastic and velcro and they dont move or slip at all when they are playing. they are fully waterproof on the body but occasionally when its really wet you will find their legs are a bit wet, but its only water and not loads of mud. they are really easy to wash, i just put them in the sink when i get home and rinse them with warm water and just hang them to dry (but dont dry them on a radiator as this will mess up the waterproof glue like stuff inside) . they are however not noise free like it says in the description and do make a swishing sound when your dog walks just like your waterproof coat does. i wouldnt be without these no matter how much they cost, and would reccomend these to every dog owner.

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