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Bob Martin Home Flea Spray

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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Bob Martin Home Flea Spray treatment is reactionary and preventative as it will prevent the return of these pests for up to 3 months. Fleas can cause havoc and destruction in the home not only for your pets for your soft furnishings too. It is the only flea spray you will need to control fleas and ticks both on your dog and in your home.

This pesticide-free spray works in a unique way by immobilising the flea or tick. The unique sticky trap works against fleas at all stages of the flea lifecycle - larvae, eggs and adult fleas - helping to stop flea infestation. This amazing treatment has been clinically proven and is designed for use on carpets, rugs and your pet's bedding

As with all flea control products, it is very important that you kill the fleas both on your dog and also around the home. Whilst the fleas will probably be visible on your dog, the majority of the flea eggs and larvae will be less visible in your home environment.

Please note: the packaging on this product has now changed. You may receive the old red packaging during the changeover period; however, the product itself has not changed.

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