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Purrshire Leopard Chic Tower Cat Activity Centre

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The Purrshire Leopard Chic Tower Cat Activity Centre will keep your cat amused for hours! There is just so much for your feline friend to do from climbing and exploring to scratching and pouncing. Plenty of plush fabric areas to rest on, platforms to pounce from, exciting tunnels to explore, a cosy retreat to hide away in and snooze, a dangly hoop to attack, a top platform for lookout purposes and so many posts to scratch and stretch up on.

Hours of fun for your pet that will provide great amusement for you. The sisal covered posts allow cats to carry out their natural instinct to scratch, to prevent their claws from breaking or being ripped out. Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

Dimensions: W60 x D40 x H180cm
Base : L60 x W40 x D2cm
Bottom Tunnel: 22cm diameter x L20cm
Internal diameter: 19cm
Bottom triangular platform: W41 x L32.5cm (widest points) x D2cm
Hideaway: 35cm diameter x H25cm
Entrance: 18cm diameter
Hammock: 30cm diameter
1st Square platform: 40cm square x D2cm
1st Round platform: 29cm diameter x D2cm
2nd Square platform with hanging hoop: 40cm square x D2cm
Hanging hoop: 17cm diameter x L11cm
Internal diameter: 14.5cm
Top Round Platform: 29cm diameter x D2cm

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

Assembly advice: Start with the second from top platform (the square one with a tube hanging down) and then build downwards. Once that is complete put on the top post and platform.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
fantastic posted on 04/03/2015 by Dakota2
This is well worth the money my cat loves it its a great size for a large cat the only down side is the instructions are horrible just a picture and no idea where to start but as said before work from top down and ideally have someone to help bit of a fiddle if building alone.
Great product posted on 12/01/2015 by Laura_Jayne
Easy to assemble great price looks nice my cats love it fab
Catisfaction Guaranteed posted on 16/12/2014 by Gill
Bought this activity centre to encourage my timid and somewhat lazy puss to climb and to possibly lose weight Not only has she gained confidence on the activity centre it has also encouraged her to go exploring outside She loves to sit one perch higher than her brother just to prove that she is top cat Thoroughly recommend this for good quality and value for money It did take some time to put together and for me I could have done with a stronger pair of hands to ensure that everything was screwed up securely
Amazing posted on 15/10/2014 by Andyreww
I am so glad I bought this product I have a very hyper very active 12 week old female kitten and this is a godsend She no longer climbs up my legs no more torn up legs from her claws and has now stopped scratching up my sofas and rugs I love watching her speed up to the top and play around on it she was a natural She did manage to rip off the bell on the mouse and then the mouse came next but that was no hassle to throw away the bell and tie back on the mouse Can be built solo but Id recommend getting a friend to help I wish I had As others say build top down x29
Good activity centre posted on 02/09/2014 by janice1803
Easy to put together and the cats were on it before it was complete now dont get off it
Excellent Service and Fantastic Product posted on 29/08/2014 by Kerry
Amazing quality my 3 month old kitten and senior cats x2812 13x29love it They have left my carpets alone since it arrived Lovely colour that doesnt feel invasive in the room I would definitely recommend One tip build it from the top down
As always fantastic value posted on 20/05/2014 by creamcashmere
Fantastic Arrived within five days of ordering Brilliant value for moneylooks really classy and I cant get my Cat off it Huge success Many thanks for this great bargain
Amazing posted on 07/11/2012 by
Great value cat loves it after reading reviews i was slightly concerned that the tower maybe a bit unstable but have not found that at all my cat jumps and climbs all over it and have not had any problems Strongly recommend you purchase if you have a very active cat like mine
Highly recommended posted on 22/10/2012 by Jackiewfisher
Had this for a couple of weeks now and the cats absolutely love it They actually queue up to sleep in the hammock Lots of scratch posts stops them scratching the furniture Tiny bit wobbly but as to be expected for the height of it it doesnt put them off and we probably wont bother securing it Definitely value for money Highly recommended
Great item cat loves it posted on 11/10/2012 by Gurpreet
Great item cat loves it Instructions are a bit confusing as mentioned start from the top platform and the 2nd bottom platform and work in you need to tighten these and then do the base and top Spent 1 hour making it just to take it apart and remake it Good quality item though now my cat wont get out of the hammock though
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