Dog Rocks
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Dog Rocks

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Dog Rocks is a completely safe-to-use product that can help to stop your dog from destroying your luscious garden.

You canít always prevent your animal from going to the toilet, but you can take measures to curb the negative effects. By simply mixing the rocks within their drinking bowl and covering with no more than 2 litres of water, your pet can help to fertilise your lawn rather than destroy it. A completely natural product mined in Australia.

The supplement does not change the pH of their urine.

One pack provides a 2 month supply.

As Dog Rocks is a natural product, sizes can vary.

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Customer Reviews:
These work posted on 27/09/2013 by chris
Despite a lot of scepticism from my friends I find that dog rocks really work No more stained and dead grass At first it looks expensive but lasts at least two months If in doubt give it a try
Works for us posted on 04/08/2013 by liz
We have two bitches Rosie chocolate labrador and Mollie collie cross and we have found that these rocks work we havent had brown patches on the grass for the three years we have used them We put them in every water bowl inside and in the garden
great product posted on 18/06/2010 by kk
This seems to work very well and our puppy is happy to drink the water and no yellow patches yet after 10 days.
Good Value posted on 27/08/2009 by karanwhitton
The dog rocks arrived promptly and are having a positive effect on my lawn.
Hope these work posted on 27/07/2009
Got Dog Rocks last week and have started to use them in the dogs'drinking water - a bit early to see results yet but I am hopeful that it works
what i needed posted on 27/07/2009 by geordie-inexile1984
It took a while to arrive, but that was exacatly what they said it would be. Its being used now still early to se results,but not a problem for he dog to use
Brilliant product posted on 23/04/2009
A good and hassle-free way to stop dead patches on the lawn, without using any unpleasant chemicals.
These really work! posted on 19/11/2008 by mopsy2
I have 2 bitches and, although they don't spend a lot of time in the garden, the quality of my lawn has noticeably improved since I started using Dog Rocks - I wouldn't be without them now if only someone could come up with something to stop them scratching up the grass, my life would be perfect! well, that part which concerns itself with the garden, anyway
Worth it posted on 02/08/2008
We are finding that the dog rocks are certainly working but not for two months. We had patches appearing again after about 6 weeks but we have a saluki and a scottish deerhound who must drink more than the average dog so that is probably why. Also you have to be very careful that rain water is drained away from all the pots etc in the garden but they are certainly worth buying.
Spot On..... or should that be gone! posted on 05/06/2008 by Kacie-Mai
Thank you Pet Planet for bringing us this product. I have tried the tablets the sprays and nothing worked and finally something that does! Don't expect it to be a miracle fix for existing burn, thats not what it's for, but it certainly stops it. We returfed the garden and started using Dog Rocks a few months ago, and We still have lovely lush green grass. Over the moon!
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