Ziwipeak Daily Dog Cuisine Pouch 226g
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Ziwipeak Daily Dog Cuisine Pouch 226g

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ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Cuisine Pouches have been produced in the Bay of Plentyís celebrated peak Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. The fact that they travel so far, to doggy homes throughout the UK is a great indication that hundreds of dog owners are satisfied that this is the choice of healthy alternative to offer their four legged friend. The foods are based upon premium meat, as is famous from our friends down under and it is widely known that dogs / cats are at their physical peak when they are given the sustenance that they receive from natures natural diet.

You will find meat, heart, liver, kidney, cold washed green tripe and bone with important vitamins and minerals all included in this food and there are no salts, sugars, chemicals, artificial preservatives, fillers or grains. These foodstuffs would all be found hunting in the wild. They are provided in the correct concentrations to provide a healthy, balanced diet that is free from antibiotics / hormones and can actually repair some of the damage caused by previous grain diets that have not been as healthy. The food also works as a detoxifier that will eliminate allergens that may have built up from previous diets that have contained invariable colours, preservatives or fillers. Gently air-dried this food maintains the natural integrity of the natural raw materials.

High in protein, that is 95% digestible, your pet will eat less as a result that means your food will go further, as well as providing the benefits of better weight control, less flatulence and mess to clear. This food really does provide the best of all worlds. When using this food you will soon notice a substantial improvement in your friendís general health and wellbeing and you should notice especially clear eyes, a healthy coat and skin, an improvement to gums, joint health and an increase in energy levels.

Your dog will simply love the taste that provides really one of the best diets in the world. This 226g trial pouch will provide up to 3 days of servings for a small dog or puppy, or 1 daily serving for a large breed dog such as a Labrador. Also ideal as a healthy treat.

Health benefits of choosing Ziwipeak:

  • Energy and Vitality
  • General Well-being
  • Digestion
  • Healthy Coat and Skin
  • Reduced Bad Breath, Flatulence and Stools
  • Long-term Joint Health
  • Weight Control

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

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