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Hagen Rabbit Harness & Lead Set
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Hagen Rabbit Harness & Lead Set

With quick release clips for added safety and fully adjustable, this nylon harness and lead set is ideal for allowing exercise time outside the cage without fear of escape. Green only.


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews:
Fantastic posted on 03/10/2010 by simone13
I have to say it is brilliant and Harvey enjoys his new found freedom. I don't need to use the lead anymore as rabbits are territorial and I don't need to worry about him wondering too far - he tends to stay within a certain perimeter of the garden. I keep the harness on however as it has a bell and I can keep an ear open for him. Its great to see him hopping and leaping across the lawn, so much so that he sleeps through the night without waking us up....
Fast delivery,good customer relations. posted on 03/06/2008
Great Quality- but handle with care posted on 12/02/2007
These harnesses where purchased for my two Rabbits Bonnie and Clyde as I have a lovely paddock behind our house. It was nice giving the bunnies a bit of freedom and the headset is fully adjustable (good thing as my bunnies are quite large). The Harness is well made making me happy that They would not escape, however BEWARE if you are too trusting and dangle the lead near your bunny, he may feel the need to nibble through and plan an escape. However the harness stayed on nicely (he couldnt reach that)
Very good posted on 05/09/2008
Easy to fit, and our rabbit loved hopping around the garden with great abandon.
Great product posted on 28/07/2011 by lynnharper
This is a great wee product to introduce my rabbit Jasper to the outside world It arrived very quickly and is easy enough to deal with Jasper was a bit reluctant at first as it was something new but its great to see him leaping about in the garden Good fun

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