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Furminator Deshedding Tool Short Hair - Large Dogs

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Reduce your dogís shedding by up to 90 per cent with the Furminator Deshedding Tool Short Hair.

Featuring patented deshedding edges designed to reach beneath short topcoat to gently remove their undercoat and loose hair, leaving them looking absolutely fabulous. Recommended by professional groomers, these deshedding tools are the only ones guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb.

Donít let your dogís hair stop them from getting all the attention at the park.

The Large size is suitable for dogs up to 51 - 90lbs. This is a 10.2cm blade for coats shorter than 5.1cm.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great Item posted on 03/03/2016 by Toggins
Product Reviewed: Large Dogs
Expensive but worth every penny.
Very good posted on 14/06/2014 by Beb
Product Reviewed: Small Dogs
Three Jack Russells all different coats the Furminator was the answer to grooming all three
Really gets the job done posted on 05/03/2014 by AnnIeC
Product Reviewed: Large Dogs
This is a brilliant product and very easy to use. Bought it for my dog but its also great for cats. I used it on my cat who suffers from hairballs and have high hopes this could help overcome the problem as it has removed loads of old hair.
Does what it says on the tin posted on 03/09/2013 by C Sengupta
Product Reviewed: Small Dogs
Nothing short of a miracle My jack Russell loves it His undercoat has been painlessly removed and he has stopped shedding and scratching
Fantastic posted on 08/01/2012 by dotty
Product Reviewed: Small Dogs
I decided to get the Furminator after reading other reviews on other sites for my 2 border terriers Although i was still sceptical on how fantastic this item apparently was It was delivered quicker than i expected and couldnt wait to give it a go After settin time aside to sit down with a dog at a time they loved every minute and didnt want me to stop even after moving to next dog she kept trying to nuzzle in for another go Fantastic value and the dogs know its pamper time when they see it
Excellent for reducing shedding posted on 07/01/2012 by labrador weim owner
Product Reviewed: Large Dogs
I have a labrador have a slicker brush but this has to be the best deshedding tool I have ever tried It is amazing just how much dead hair comes out without damaging the coat Be sure to do it outside as you will get flyaway clumps of fur You could spend ages grooming your dog with the furminator as it is so satisfying to see the all the hair which would normally end up on your floors There was definately less floating around in the house after using this the dog looks wonderfull afterwards too Be sure to take care over the bony parts of the dog tho which have less thick hair The furminator also comes with a list of breeds which you should not use the tool on I also have a weimaraner which isnt on the not recommended list however he did not like the furminator at all I assume this is because his coat is not thick enough he doesnt like the scratchy feeling We use a zoom groom for him instead which he loves
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