Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box Large
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Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box Large

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Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is quick, easy and clean - this amazing cat loo solves all your litter handling problems.

This revolutionary cat loo is what cat owners have been waiting for. Simply roll the tray and then empty the waste from the specially designed grill. There are no parts to remove or store. You have no need of scoops, liners or filters thus saving you money and, best of all from a hygiene point of view, you need never come into contact with the litter.

Your cat will enjoy the privacy of an enclosed cat loo and will also enjoy having a clean litter tray to use. The cat loo works best with clumping litter.

Dimensions: approx. L58.5 x W52 x H53.5cm

Approximate door measurements: H17.8cm x W21.5cm. Please note colour may vary and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

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Customer Reviews:
Love this litter box posted on 13/03/2014 by mentalmiller
This is the best litter box ever. No mess or fuss and does what it says on the box. Would highly recommend it.
Bobbie Loves it posted on 07/01/2014 by helenroberts3
From the moment it was set up Bobbie used it he seems alot happier than using his old open tray it is so easy to keep clean and tidy everything is kept inside so no litter to sweep up all the time Can be a bit fiddly to take the lid off but once done is easy to clean up
Works wonders best litter box EVER posted on 07/07/2013 by Iris
I bought this for my little 1 year old tabby cat I must admit Ive always hated cleaning up the litter tray that we had before it was just so gross to me to get in contact with the smell the dust the litter but especially the cats waste I couldnt stand to scoop it out everyday so much so I often ended up cleaning it just one or two times a week only Id rather throw everything away and replace it with fresh litter making it a great waste of money and energies too When I got this litter box though my life and my cats life changed FOREVER for the best Now I can clean it every evening without touching anything No odours no dust no litter all over the floor when she digs into it I just roll the box upside down tap on it to make sure all the dirt falls down roll it back and the waste is ready to be thrown away My cat can enjoy clean litter everyday now and since this box is hooded I can leave it out of the way just outside my rear door without having to worry about the weather conditions The size is perfect for her too but shes very small I cannot tell if the tray is big enough for big cats though as from the outside its massive but inside its divided into two sections of which the cat has access to only one Gotta love this litter box best purchase Ive ever made
Fantastic product posted on 06/11/2012 by JB
We bought this litter tray as we purchased a new Maine coon kitten to join our family The breeder had covered litter boxes which we thought were a good idea as we had a standard litter tray for our previous cat who used to just kick the litter everywhere My husband saw this one and believing it to be the best was desperate for us to buy it I honestly thought it was a bit gimmicky but figured we would give it a try How wrong was I This has honestly been one of the best purchases we have made Totally does what it says it would do and we have had absolutely no problems using it its so simple The kitten took to it straight away and whilst we thought it to be really quite big and bulky its hidden away in the corner of the room and hasnt been too intrusive Plus our boy Maine coon will grow up to be so big therefore we really do need one of this size Reading previous comments helped our decision to buy and we really dont regret it We buy the clumping litter as advised and Ive only just emptied the whole lot to clean and put in fresh litter after over a week although I would have definitely got away with leaving it longer as there has been no smell The only thing I would say is that it is worth still buying a cheap cat litter scoop as even when you tip it upside down and tap to loosen the clumps some of them still stick to the tray But one quick scrape with the scoop loosens it all so everything falls into the poop drawer Would whole hearteredly recommend Also there are various you tube clips of this tray in action which shows you how easy it is Our kitten loved it so much that after only an hour of him being in his new home he disappearedwe found him hiding in the poop drawer to which we had to coax him out
Fantastic posted on 22/10/2012 by SmileyCats
I love this thing but more importantly so do my two catsNow their boxes are cleaned several times a day and they couldnt be happier and neither can I because i cant think of anything i liked less than cleaning the old box
Brilliant Less work than normal litter trays posted on 22/10/2012 by sarahmiddup
My two cats happily used this superb litter tray The ease of cleaning makes this a must for any busy cat owners The only drawback is the size It is much bigger than normal trays
Just Fab posted on 29/09/2012 by Mrs C Kilpatrick
Had to wait a wee while for this to become availableit was worth it General clear out can be done so quickly and with little fuss just check the cat isnt in it first An excellent item
1010 Simple yet 100 effective posted on 28/09/2012 by rory
Every cat should have an omega paw litter box It works exactly as advertised we use a premium clumping litter x28very small granulesx29 and it works perfectly The clumps formed by urine can get stuck to the bottom of the box you just hit the base a few times while the box is turned on its side and away it comes I cannot recommend this product enough our cat went straight in and used it immediately her old litter box was right beside it too Forget those expensive self cleaning robot boxes this is your only man
Best Litter Box yet posted on 05/06/2012 by mjkout
i bought 2 boxes earlier for my cats to test them out i have 5 cats and decided to get one box for each cat and i bought 4 more this product really works as advertised and makes cleaning the litter box a fun activity
Excellent posted on 26/03/2012 by paul
brilliant design saves lots of time changing and the cats love it

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