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Citikitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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The Citikitty Cat Toilet Training Kit means no more messy litter ever again. A great invention that means that your pet actually uses your toilet! The idea is that the process offers a 5 stage gradual transition from litter box to toilet. It is suitable for cats of all personalities and does not expect them to adjust in too few steps! In one week intervals (depending upon your cat), you change the ring size from ring 1 to ring 4, and in the final step your cat is trained and there is no training seat needed. A simple idea when you think about it! No more smelly and messy litter. You can train your cat on a new toilet and go forwards and backwards a stage as necessary. The inclusion of catnip encourages this process.

This product works:

  • On older cats
  • On kittens of 3 months and older
  • On multiple cats simultaneously
  • On large cats
  • On all toilet shapes and sizes

It has worked for thousands of cats before, can it work for yours? Please have a look at some customer images to give you a better idea and also the video below.

Choose this clean, cost-effective and litter free option and in no time it will be a case of litter, what litter?

Please note: the holes sizes need to be manually cut out and you will require flushable cat litter.

Dimensions of the training seat: Length 15.25"/40 cm x Width 14.75"/37.5 cm x Depth 1.5"/3.75 cm

Customer Ratings & Reviews
great value posted on 01/05/2012 by ug2001
It really das the trick. All you need is patience. For my kitty are just habit/instinct to dig and berry it. As you break that then it just does as it was ment to be
Works for small cats posted on 18/11/2012 by Smurfpumlan
Its a good idea but the quality of the plastic is too weak Our 45kg cat was very reluctant to use it when it bent as he stepped onto it and we struggled to move much further than step 2 However it did work much better for our kitten We moved on to LitterKvitter which is more suitable for heavier cats due to its sturdy plastic CityKitty is better in the way that you can change the size of the hole by however much you want but then again you cant go backwards unless you have a replacement seat
This is only a DISPOSABLE training kit posted on 10/10/2011 by Sarah
I bought this toilet training kit as opposed to the Litter Kwitter because it seemed to be better value for money. It also appeared from the pictures that the holes in the litter tray could be enlarged more gradually than the Litter Kwitter starting with a very small hole and increasing in size more gradually than the Litter Kwitter. I have tried the LK before and my cats have always found the first hole just too big so I liked the idea of having a more gradual process. BUT having received this product after ordering online it appears that this toilet training kit is a disposable one. The plastic is VERY flimsy. I have a 4 month old kitten and when she stands on the plastic litter tray when it is attached to the toilet you can see it bending under her weight (and this is without any holes introduced yet). When she gets bigger and heavier I don't think it will hold her weight especially when I introduce the holes. Also instead of having different interchangable trays with different hole sizes you just get 1 tray which you are supposed to cut the hole into (and each time you want to increase the hole size you have to cut a bigger hole). If you need to go back a stage they have included a spare litter tray which you can use but this obviously only allows you one chance at going back one stage as you need to cut that tray too. Once you've cut the spare one you cannot then go back any further than that and you've used up your only spare. Once you have used this product you can't then use it in the future for any new cats you may get as it will have already been cut out. It really is a disposable one use product which is a shame especially given the price which is not much less than the LK (which is NOT disposable and CAN be kept and reused) I really think the product description should have explained that this is a dispoable kit. Nowhere does it state that you have to cut the holes out yourself and although it does not state to the contrary the description and photos do make it seem as though you have several separate rings with precut holes that can be interchanged, this is not the case however. Instead I would recommend buying the Litter Kwitter as it is much more sturdy reusable and not much more expensive. I believe you can order extra rings for the LK so that the increasing hole size is more gradual. This is what I will be buying now.Overall I would say that for the price it is not worth it. You can pay just a little more for the Litter Kwitter which is in no way shape or form a disposable product, it can be kept and reused again and again and has different rings for changing the hole size. I would also say that the product description should have made it clear that the holes have to be manually cut out.
PetPlanet Says:
We would like to thank the customer in this review for their comments and apologise for any inconvenience caused. If any customer receives an item they are not totally satisfied with we would ask them to contact a member of our customer service team on 0845 345 0723 in order for us to resolve the matter. We have contacted the customer in this review directly in order to resolve this matter.

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