Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door
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Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door

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Ideal for corners, this Corner Kitty Litter Box will not only provide your cat with privacy but also help to catch flyaway cat litter. It has a lower front to allow for easy access and the swinging door allows your feline friend to enter and exit. This covered litter box is manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, making it very robust and easy to clean and the handle on the hood allows for easy moving.

Dimensions: approx. 56 x 43 x 42cm high
From floor to entrance: approx. 10cm

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Customer Reviews:
Great idea posted on 12/02/2014 by Willow
Bought one of these last year for our small cat she loved it right away although I did take the door off. However our other huge big boy tabby has taken a shine to it, he only just fits into it but I've now bought a second one of his own. They are great space savers fitting neatly into corners and really easy to clean out. They are strong but lightweight I use shredded paper litter which seems to last for ages if you remove the solids as soon as possible.
Love it posted on 30/01/2014 by lynndwyer
It is great arrived very quick and is nicely tucked away in a corner and my cat doesnt spread litter all around the room like he used to
Perfect posted on 27/01/2014 by JuSu76
We got two boisterous rescue kittens 3 months ago and at the time I had bought a different covered corner litter tray for them as space is limited in the flat and the cover helps to keep the mess and smell to a minimum The old one wasnt as well made as this one I was DELIGHTED to find this came with spare door and frame parts as that was what had broken on tho their model The cats used it straight away quite happily and we dont seem to have had any little accidents which is the best endorsement Id say Easy to assemble carry empty clean Ive not got a bad thing to say about this litter tray Excellent value too
Great value posted on 25/01/2014 by K Idle
I have 2 young rescue cats of no particular breed The she cat was very particular about where she toileted and we were often finding presents behind doors etc They both also have an uncanny ability to spread litter all over the place This tray has been a god send in alleviating both problems Tilly is now very happy with the privacy of her toilet and Im not hoovering every half an hour it is very easy to assemble and is very easy to clean too I love this and would recomend to anyone
great idea posted on 22/01/2014 by graninelW
This has been a great buy It takes up very little space and its so easy to keep clean Im delighted with my purchase
Great space saver posted on 10/12/2013 by pressiebuyer131
I have 2 cats a slim sleek Russian Blue and a rather tubby ginger moggie who both use the corner cat litter box Ginger is less keen on using the box with the door on we think she has issues from a previous owner but my Russian Blue loves kicking large quantities of litter around which the box contains very well We have noticed that litter pongs arent very well contained but perhaps thats due to us having moved their litter place to a warmer part of the house Maybe a filter would help with this Anyways great space saver for an unbelievably good price The first box had a broken door which was replaced in 2 daysexcellent service All in all would recommend wholeheartedly
Good custeomer Servive posted on 09/12/2013 by angela
The first box was broken but a replacement was soon delivered by Pet Planet fantastic customer service My cat love his toilet and soon got the hang of the door flap Keeps smell in
Brilliant and wellmade posted on 22/11/2013 by Inks
We needed a second litter box to accomodate our boys one of which is more like the beast of bodmin moor as opposed to the other smaller two we were slightly concerned that this corner box may be slightly too small for him but no he was most pleased to have a think in it It is like a tardis compact and perfect for a corner but spacious and roomy for quite a boffa of a cat Brilliant
Superb Value posted on 31/10/2013 by Nutmeg
This litter box is perfect for those with a shortage of space We have two litter trays for our 2 kittens Odour isnt an issue despite the lack of filter in this model and even the most basic liners work well with this tray
perfect posted on 02/09/2013 by cwilkes
Cant fault this keeps smell in lovely size easy to clean very happy

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