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The Catit Cat Litter Scoop is perfect for collecting the litter debris.

With its holey design, the litter will simply sift through whilst the bulk will remain ready for discarding.

Suitable for all types of litter.

Don't believe us, check out some of our customer reviews below

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Best Scoop Ever posted on 14/11/2014 by coralwestgate2
This Large litter scoop is the Best One I have ever bought Especially for use with Wood or Paper Pellet litters its not only Strong its large too Very Well made Well Happy with it Many thanks Petplanet
love it posted on 10/10/2013 by kittenfosterer
well pleased quite a large one You can sprinkle the dust from litter out and keep the good stuffworth the money and pretty pink and blue
I loved it posted on 19/03/2013 by Sarah
I brought this to replacement the old scoop excellent for cleaning out my maine coon jumbo litter box Would recommend for large breeds of catwould buy again well made strong
Fantastic posted on 15/12/2012 by naomimandel
I expected it to be large from the reviews and yes it certainly is However I love the fac that it is much easier to scoop up the litter and because the holes are round and slightly bigger all the litter falls straight through and only the poops are left to flush away This is one of my favourite PP products to date
I think this scoop would be excellent for clumping cat litter posted on 30/11/2011 by o clarke
I bought this scoop then decided eventualy to use non clumping cat litter so it is not as effective as I am sure it would be when using clumping litter Very large scoop with large holes and very robust
Very big so super fast to scoop with posted on 22/11/2011 by BiBi
When this Litter Scoop first arrived my husband and I were like OMG I wondered if it would even fit inside my cats tray However when I went to use it I was thrilled It is so big so it only take 1 or 2 scoops and job done
Massive and great quality posted on 25/10/2011 by amszephyr
Like all the Catit products Ive bought for my cats this is great quality Its huge and the circular holes mean litter doesnt get caught up only the lumps that need to be lifted
Big Blue posted on 17/08/2011 by Steve P
Very good as most of the standard litter scoops break if you use clumping litter One suggestion for improvement would be a variation in the size of the holes with smaller at the front and larger at the back That way tilting the scoop could vary the size of clumps captured
Perfect Scoop posted on 30/09/2010 by mrsbromley
When I opened the package, I was surprised how big it is, but when I actually used it, it turned out to be the best scoop I've ever used - I've never imagined myself that I'll be raving about a cat litter scoop! I use Cat Best and it filters the pellets perfectly leaving clumps, and I appreciate the fact that it has a very nice grip compared with the traditional designs.
Giant scoop! posted on 09/09/2010 by little k
This is a massive scoop - made me laugh when I saw it! Great for Cats Best Nature Gold Cat Litter which I've just started using. Holes large enough for the pellets to fall through so, with some sifting, I'm only binning the solid waste - very economical. Can be hung or stood upright which is perfect, as in the past I've never known where to slip the dirty scoop. Pattern formed by the holes even slightly attractive!