Orijen Puppy 2.5kg
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Orijen Puppy 2.5kg


Orijen is a BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble) diet, formulated with high protein and low carbohydrates to replicate the same rich and diverse balance of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that puppies and young dogs of all breeds would encounter in a wilderness setting. Made with the highest inclusions of fresh chicken, turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught whitefish, Orijen is bursting with the protein-packed, human grade meats (min 75%) your pup needs, and none of the grains or carbohydrates that are inappropriate. Instead of cereal grains, Orijen provides a full compliment of regional fruits and vegetables, including sweet and russet potatoes, blackcurrants and sunflower from Canadian prairie farms, apples and cranberries from interior orchards, and sea vegetables harvested from the pacific tidal range. Fresh lake whitefish and Chinook salmon are a superb source of unrendered essential fatty acids (inc DHA and EPA) that nutritionally support the development of cell membranes and immune systems, as well as a vibrant skin and hair coat. Helping to bridge the gap between good nutrition and peak health are psyllium, dandelion root, sweet fennel and peppermint leaf, all of which replicate the natural diet to nourish and tone the digestive tract and strengthen the liver. And, because of its high-quality protein content, your dog doesn’t need to eat as much kibble as he does with other dry foods, meaning a single bag lasts much longer, e.g. a 30 kilo dog with a normally active lifestyle requires only 275g of Orijen kibble per day.



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Customer Reviews:
BEST QUALITY posted on 05/03/2012 by robjarvisphotography
Skye our 10 week old Staffordshire loves this it has come well recomended Full meat content and great for the skin and hair she never leaves any in her bowl
Puppy loves it! posted on 20/10/2009 by mai-tai247
Tried seven different well known premium brands of food and my little puppy was turning her nose up at all of them! As soon as I tried her on this she loved it three weeks on everyone has commented on how lovely her coat is and she seems so much happier. It's so great to know I am feeding her quality food with no nasties in and the results speak for themselves. I have now switched my cats onto Orijen aswell and highly recommend it to all friends.
Fantastic posted on 31/08/2009 by murcot
I bought this based on the other reviews, and have to say that I am really pleased. Our two Welsh springer spaniel puppies 5 months love it. Their poop is a whole lot better - and also they have decreased their tendency to 'clean up' after one another. They are thriving on it, and I've now ordered a big bag!
posted on 08/07/2009 by ja
a food that totally agrees with pups digestion, which makes it well worth the cost.

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