Beaphar Joint Support Nuggets 600g - Large Dogs >25kg

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
Beaphar Joint Support Nuggets are crunchy morsels of goodness for your dog to enjoy and to help keep him or her happy and healthy. With advancing years, many dogs become increasingly susceptible to joint problems. Joint pain is usually caused by erosion or degeneration of cartilage, or a reduction of cushioning fluid in the joints.

Beaphar Joint Support Nuggets contain important nutritional ingredients which are the building blocks of cartilage, collagen and the cushioning fluid that naturally keep the joints moving and working properly. Giving the treats daily will help support the proper functioning of these essential tissues.

Your dog's daily extra health treat, at home or on the go! The nuggets can be given out of the hand as a healthy snack, as a reward during training sessions or as a tasty topping for food.

  • Suitable for dogs weighing over 25kg
  • No added sugar

    Quantity: 600g

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