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Feliway Natural Spray 60ml

Product Code: 8241
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Feliway® offers a natural, convenient and unique solution to feline stress, helping your cat(s) feel safe and secure in their environment.

The Feliway® Spray can be applied directly to objects or areas to give added reassurance and;

  • Help prevent or stop indoor spraying and vertical scratching.
  • Help prevent or reduce conflicts between cats restoring harmony within your household.

Help your cat(s) cope with challenging situations:

  • Moving house.
  • Building work or redecorating.
  • New arrival (a baby, a new pet).
  • Parties (fireworks, Christmas etc.) .

Using Feliway® Spray alongside a Feliway® Diffuser may be useful in a multi-cat home, to help older cats and/or those which have been performing the behaviour for some time.

Scientifically proven - Feliway® is a safe solution of feline facial pheromone and has been used by behaviorists, veterinary experts and welfare charities for the last 12 years and its effects have been shown in more than 13 studies published in reputable scientific journals or at veterinary conferences.

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x 60ml bottle
  • 1 x Full instructions for use

Click here to visit the Feliway Website.

Please note that this product is the original cream model.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
posted on 13/01/2015 by Michelle
Great product Really works
Very effective posted on 08/03/2014 by lferguson
This is a very helpful quick and available addition to the use of the diffuser. I'm introducing an adult cat to a household with a resident adult cat. This is great to spray on items at cat height in rooms other than where the diffuser is also on the designated cat bed. Its lots cheaper than the diffuser and probably fine if you don't have big introductions or seriously problem behaviours to sort out. Chilled cats here.
Great Value posted on 18/02/2014 by aeagleson
Had the calming effect required on my cat when he is in one of his hyper moods.
Amazing stuff posted on 17/10/2013 by judihod
Got a very nervous cat but now hes actually letting other people occasionally stroke him uses the kennel Ive bought him
A Good Buy posted on 22/08/2013 by paula454
Kitty my indoor cat has always been spooked by the slightest noisemovement She doesnt like going into the cattery or small spaces Before I bought this spray she got me up in the night threefour times wanting to be fed played with It was really getting me downso I bought the spray after reading other pet owners comments on this sightSince using the spray shes now a different cat all together and has calmed down an awful lot I now get a goodnights sleep
I loved it posted on 19/07/2013 by nathaliejault
I used the product to move from the UK to Germany We had to drive 8 hours with the cat in the car and I was anxious about his reactions has it is a stray cat I bought the spray and used it both in the car and in the new home and it all went very smoothly he settled nicely no spraying no wailing This is a brilliant product highly recommended
Works a treat posted on 18/10/2011 by Anglophile
I purchased the spray to find out if it works just as effectively as the Feliway diffuser I spray it anywhere the cats like to rest and the result is overwhelming Peace has finally been restored again
very handy posted on 14/07/2011 by bealings48
I spray some on my hands and wipe it on the two cats when they get cross with each other and it calms them down
Happy kittys posted on 14/07/2011 by louisehallsworth
Although expensive feliway works I used this initially then purchased 2 diffusers to work alongside it it has helped both my cats settle into their new house after we moved has reduced the amount of fighting between them Use daily
Excellent posted on 24/02/2011 by juneclarey
I bought this to try to stop my Black Oriental queen from spraying around my beautiful Westminster Chimes Clock she only does this when she is calling and it seems to have stopped her from spraying altogether (touch wood).
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