Fortekor 2.5mg - 1 Tablet
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Fortekor 2.5mg - 1 Tablet

Fortekor 2.5mg is a yeast/vanilla flavoured, oral tablet for the treatment of heart failure in dogs and chronic renal insufficiency in cats. It is specifically flavoured to be tasty for cats or dogs, and the active ingredient is ‘taste masked’ for added palatability.

In dogs with heart failure, Fortekor reduces the blood pressure and volume load on the heart. Fortekor produces an extension of the life span and also improves clinical signs, notably reduction in coughing, and improvement to the quality of life.

In cats with chronic renal insufficiency, Fortekor reduces the protein loss in urine and reduces systemic and intraglomerular blood pressure. Fortekor increases the appetite, quality of life and survival time of the cats, particularly in advanced disease.

  • For cats or dogs weighing between 2.5-10kg
  • May be given with or without food
  • Not recommended for use in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs or cats

Quantity: 1 x 2.5mg tablet

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a veterinary medicinal product and we will need to ask for information regarding the pet(s) that this purchase is intended for. We will request this data from you during the checkout process.

We will also need evidence of a valid prescription. Click here for more info

For more information: See NOAH Data Sheet

Fortekor 2.5mg - 1 Tablet can be dispensed in any quantity. Enter the number your prescription permits into the 'Quantity' box prior to checkout


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

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