Blagdon Midipond Filter 14000 24W
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Blagdon Midipond Filter 14000 24W

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The Blagdon Midipond Filter 14000 uses a unique 7 stage filtration process that has been specifically created to provide a beautifully clear and healthy pond with a minimum of maintenance. Easy to clean, effective, low maintenance filtration from a compact system. This filter system incorporates the next generation of filter technology. This means it features

  • high output power compact T5: 18w and 24w UV lamps,
  • a Venturi fed aeration chamber,
  • a Stainless Steel hydroscreen prefilter,
  • Blagdon Ceramic Bio media
  • High-flow with four outlets.

It will be effective on ponds up to 14000litres and the multi hosetail inlet allows use with all popular pumps and hose sizes.

The stages of the filter process:

  • Built in green water clarifier UVC light guarantees algae free clear water

  • Venturi aeration chamber adds bubbling Oxygen rich water to the filter, creating the ideal environment for friendly bacteria that keep ponds healthy

  • Easy to clean, lift out Hydroscreen Stainless Steel Pre filter catches large waste and debris

  • Open cell foam in three reducing grades catches dead algae, dirt and waste giving a crystal clear pond

  • Professional ceramic biological media supports large populations of friendly bacteria, enabling high stocking levels of healthy fish and pond life

  • Replaceable polymer wool pad polishes the water quickly removing particles that create cloudiness

  • Replaceable carbon impregnated foam removes chemical pollutants for sparkling clear water

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Customer Reviews:
Happier fish posted on 13/05/2012 by yannh
This product is excellent value for money It has revolutionised the water quality in our pond which we established about 9 years ago Our koi are now happily enjoying their new environment

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