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Baby biOrb Coldwater Aquarium with Halogen Light Black

Product Code: 57548
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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The Baby biOrb Coldwater Aquarium with Halogen Light in Black is a convenient small size and in fact this is probably the lowest maintenance tank on the market. Made from high gloss acrylic that is ten times stronger and clearer than glass, it is complete with a comprehensive filter system that is cleverly hidden. Its special cartridges are disposable monthly.(first cartridge is provided) It has an air stone as part of this system and a lovely bubbler, which adds character to your tank. The set also is equipped with ceramic media stones that provide ample space for good bacteria to live on, a halogen light to illuminate the tank, as well as a tap water conditioner, beneficial bacteria liquid and fish food.

  • The design allows water circulation and oxygenation.
  • 15litres. Approximate size: 30cm x 32cm (11.34x12.5)
  • This tank can be upgraded to a tropical tank with the simple purchase of a heater.

    To see this product in a different colour variation, please click the link below

  • Click here to view 57547 Baby Biorb Coldwater Aquarium with Halogen Light Silver
  • Water quality and water changes are of utmost importance for the livelihood of your fish, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at Pet Planets important Fish Tank Sizing advice.

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  • Click here for advice on keeping fish. This is the BVAs Animal Welfare Foundation guide to Ornamental Fish Keeping. Requires Adobe Reader.

    The manufacturer of this fish tank highly recommends purchasing the tank alongside an appropriate, purpose-built fish tank stand/cabinet, with a top surface of equal or larger size to the bottom of the fish tank. The tank should not overhang the edge of the stand/ cabinet. In the event of damage occurring as a result of placing this tank on a surface other than an appropriate fish tank stand/ cabinet, the warranty on the fish tank will be invalid.

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