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Arden Grange Kitten 2.5kg
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Arden Grange Kitten 2.5kg

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Arden Grange Kitten is a complete dry pet food for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats, specially formulated by experts to provide a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. All kittens will benefit from this highly appetising, concentrated diet and will love the small bite sized crunchy nuggets. Cranberry extract's natural properties can aid in preventing not only urinary tract infections but also maintain urinary tract health. Nucleotides maximise the digestion of the foods within the gut by increasing the surface area of the villi. This in turn allows optimum levels of nutrients to be absorbed by the body creating healthier gut function. Feeding Your Kitten: Your kitten’s nutritional requirements will depend upon its age and weight. Younger kittens will benefit from 3 or 4 small meals per day, whilst older kittens (from 14 weeks) may have their daily allowance divided into two portions 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. May be fed dry or with warm water added. If warm water is added, free feeding should not apply. Please refer to ‘Recommended Feeding Chart’ for daily allowances. Feeding Your Pregnant/Nursing Queen- The metabolic demands of late pregnancy and lactation mean that your cat will require an increased amount of food to support her additional nutritional needs. As a result she will need perhaps 2 or 3 times her normal amount of food per day. We recommend that you fill the bowl and allow her to eat as much as she needs.


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Customer Reviews:
Kittens Love it posted on 19/09/2008 by Talitoecats
I breed Asian, Burmese and Singapuras so my kittens tend to be very small when they try dry food, this is very small manageable pieces and they all seam to love it. My Burmese litter that appeare to be strugling suddenly started to gain much needed weight and their coats improved immensly. With a selection of dry food on offer they actively sought this out.
My cats enjoyed this posted on 19/03/2011 by Denise
I would fully endorse this food as my cats enjoyed it. Trouble is their poos became very smelly, whereas with my normal brand, Royal Canin, there is no smell. A cheaper brander but not one I can buy again because my cats stay indoors.

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