Pro Plan Adult Cat Vital Age 400g

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Purina Vital Age is formulated with LONGEVIS for a longer, healthier life, and provides complete, optimised nutrition for protection for cats aged 7 years and above. As cats approach their mature years, their nutritional needs change. The food you give them at this crucial stage of life can reap enormous benefits in terms of wellbeing and longevity. Mature cats may also show less interest in their food, so palatability is a key factor in encouraging them to eat and derive the nutrition vital to support their health. LONGEVIS, a proprietary blend of ingredients in Pro Plan Vital Age 7+, has proven to help delay the first signs of ageing and help extend the healthy life of mature cats.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
The cats love it posted on 23/11/2012 by amyinzombieland
I have an ancient grey moggieSiamese cat who is fussy eater and a ditzy silver tabby who have recently turned their nose up at everything from wet food to chicken pieces When I broke out this Pro Plan dried food they actually took interest for once Looks like they approve so I have to agree its good stuff for my little ones
My cat loved it. posted on 19/10/2010 by Domino
My cat is a moggy, aged 9 yrs and she thouroughly enjoyed Pro Plan. I recommend it for other cats.

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