Royal Canin Exigent 2kg
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Royal Canin Exigent 2kg

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Royal Canin Exigent is specially formulated for fussy eaters. It helps maintain both the cat's ideal weight and its vitality, and satisfies the appetite of even the fussiest of cats.

To meet each and every catís natural preference, even the fussiest, Royal Canin has developed 3 exclusive nutritional solutions for fussy cats. Based on the latest research in palatability, they respond to each catís individual preference. Each product has a specific and original sensorial orientation while respecting all palatability criteria. Because the perception of palatability varies so widely in cats, let your cat decide!

Please refer to our Royal Canin Exigent data sheet for more information. Requires Adobe Reader.

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Customer Reviews:
Loved by my two mainecoon cats posted on 06/03/2014 by Sarah
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My two mainecoon cat Arnie and Sapphire have been eating this brand since they were kittens. Always clean bowls. They love it.
The cats love it posted on 10/01/2014 by Thecrocketts1
Product Reviewed: 10kg
First class price and delivery
Best for fussy cats posted on 19/09/2012 by helen
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Have been using this for a few years as one of my cats is super fussy and this is literally the only food we can get her to eat First time I had brought the 10kg bag and very happy with vfm and delivery from pet planet but disappointed that the bag wasnt resealable like the smaller bags Two out or four cars eat this but this will still last a while and a seal would be good
Excellent value posted on 15/12/2011 by Marion
Product Reviewed: 4kg
This is a must for fussy cats I have five and they wont eat anything else Pet planet is the cheapest for the 10kg bag
Great for fussy cats posted on 19/09/2011 by ktebailey
Product Reviewed: 4kg
I have 4 cats and 2 out of the 4 love this the two princesses or so they think anyway
Fantastic posted on 19/04/2011 by Mandi
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My cat loves this range of royal canin food Highly recommended
good posted on 07/01/2011 by trangpang
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My very fussy cat loved the original exigent more than he likes this. It's hard to get him to eat, so this was a problem for a while. He does eat it eventually, but not with the same enjoyment as the original
Good but not as good as the original Exigent posted on 15/09/2010 by Lisa S
Product Reviewed: 2kg
This is a good product, but having used the original Exigent for many years, which my fussy cats adored, it has been hard as they dont like this so much. I have tried all 3 of the 'flavours', but I dont think this is a good idea in multi-cat households. I have to mix this with Royal Canin Sensible to get them to eat it!
Loved the sample ignored the bag posted on 28/09/2013 by las27sie
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I had the same experience as a previous reviewer I received a sample during a differenct Royal Canin purchase and used it to entice a sick cat She ate it as did another nonsick cat so I purchased a 2kg bag Both picked at it and eventually stopped eating it altogether Two months on I still have a kilo left and its getting mixed with Royal Canin Light in order to use it up
A little disappointing posted on 13/03/2011 by Gill
Product Reviewed: 2kg
I had a sample of this given to me at the Supreme cat show at the NEC, Birmingham last November. I have 2 Maine Coons (brother and sister) and the boy is so fussy I was pleased he ate it with a relish. I then bought a packet and have found he isn't so keen. As another of your customers I mixed it with Royal Canin Sensible and he eats it with some coaxing. I am still looking for a food that he can really enjoy. His sister isn't fussy, but hardly nibbles it, but enjoys Wellbeloved turkey which she eats with a relish

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