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Staywell Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - White - Door or Wall Mounting

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This white Staywell Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door is the ultimate solution in automatic cat flaps! Now you can make sure that only your cat gains entry to your house. It is designed to read the most common type of microchip – the FDX-B and as well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode. There is also a night mode that automatically prevents your cat from going out during the hours of darkness but don’t worry, your cat can still get back in if already out when you set it! An audible beep lets you know when your cat comes home and there is also a vet mode that allows your cat to enter but not go out again.

The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door can be mounted in wood, pvc or glass doors as well as walls, and also fits traditional cat flap openings. It requires a cut out of 21.2cm diameter for glass, or a square cut out of 16.9cm x 16.9cm to fit to wood or PVC, with the addition of an extra screw hole.

Weatherproofed, this cat door has a reliable locking mechanism as well as a draught excluder and you can choose a ‘power-off’ state so that a cut in power to the Smart Flap will result in either an automatic-lock mode or in the Smart Flap remaining open. As well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode.

Extension tunnel to fit doors up to 5.2cm thick
Size of opening for cat: 16 x 16cm
Can be programmed for up to 25 cats
Length of power cable: 2.5m
Please be aware that if your nearest power point is more than 2.2m away then you will require an extension cable, also sold by PetPlanet.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a UK ONLY electrical product. We cannot be held responsible for any problems should this product be used outwith the UK.

Please click the links below for further info:

Smart Flap User Manual

Smart Flap Cutting Template

Customer Ratings & Reviews
posted on 05/05/2016 by Helen C
I had to replace my existing pet Porte at short notice, due to daft teenager thinking it would make an ideal stool! Apart from the occasional time when the neighbour,'s cat
Necessary posted on 20/04/2016 by
Item was delivered on time and it was the best price I could find at the time. Fitting wasn't as straightforward as I was expecting, given it was replacing a Staywell 500 infrared I expected it to use the same bolt holes in the door (I haven't spotted any Staywell branding on this item). The opening was exactly the same but the holes were spaced slightly differently so I had to drill one new hole and reuse an existing one. In my case both holes needed to be slightly larger (7mm) as well but that could be to do with the previous fitting. Following the instructions and pairing the door to my cat before fitting the door was straightforward and paired immediately. However, it turns out that my cat's microchip (between his shoulders) needs to be virtually touching the detector to work. This took trial and error with my cat getting confused with the door not unlocking and so increasingly reluctant to use the door. This was after leaving the door in the unlocked mode for a couple of days to acclimatise. I've addressed this by building up a step outside to position him higher and horizontal on approaching the door, rather than coming up to it at an angle with his head down ready to push the bottom of the door. Also, whilst the draft excluder around the door seems a good idea (the 500 didn't have one) it requires more momentum for the door to close. Typically my cat enters and halts, with the door closing on his tail. On pulling his tail fully through there isn't enough momentum to close, thanks to the draft excluder, and the door doesn't lock. With wear this ought to get better, or else we'll have to add a weight to the door or something. Whilst not perfect and disappointing that the detector doesn't have more range, it is functioning enough at present and that's the main thing as my cat didn't like wearing a collar for the infrared key. It is running on mains electricity with battery backup. The instructions indicate limited function on battery alone. ps The feedback form has too short a timeout, lucky I made a copy to paste
Great product Easy to fit posted on 05/03/2015 by Twinnies
I bought this again to replace one Id had for five years The catch had gone on the previous one but it had been very well used for five years I managed to fit the new one myself on my own with no help which is a miracle as Im not a DIY person It was so easy to fit and set up My cats were already used to the old one So the beeping and clicking when they first go In is not a problem for them I remember they didnt like IT when we first got it 5 years ago but persevere they soon get used to it This cat flap is brilliant and stops any other cats coming in
good quality item well made posted on 01/03/2015 by Doff
It took our young cat Harry a couple of weeks to learn how to use his personal entrance and exit but now he has we can happily let him come and go and we can do the same knowing that he has a safe refuge to come home to and no other cat can come in and eat his food Very clever idea
Superb product posted on 16/02/2015 by Charlie 21
I bought this flap to replace a previous one that finally gave up the ghost after 5 years use An excellent product that I would highly recommend to keep out marauding cats My two were terrorised by the neighbourhood bully who would break in eat all the good and spray up everything and anything This flap put an instant stop to it and the status quo returned Happy cats happy owner Would not hesitate to recommend
Perfect does what it says posted on 16/12/2014 by denise133
Cant recommend this product highly enough Has sorted the problem of intruder cat coming in and eating our cats food whilst making itself at home
Great success posted on 06/12/2014 by Ruth C
I am really pleased with this cat flap After a cat fight inside my conservatory and various episodes of food stealing by other neighbourhood cats I hoped this was the best solution and was not disappointed It fitted in existing cat flap hole from same company
Works but some further thoughts posted on 29/07/2014 by Bill Davy
Bought two One for a friends two cats and one for mine Fitted both The inside body is slightly wider than the Staywell unit it replaced which was tiresome No work for the glazier though which is good Two of the three cats found the beep unsettling which suggest it should be turned off initially Also the default time of four seconds is too short Cats spend time sniffing and checking things out so I had to set the time to the maximum and then bring it down And the cats need to come in at the same level as the cat flap One unit was above the cats x28garden level was lowx29 Eventually found a wine box brought them up to the right height But these are teething problems
posted on 29/07/2014 by Susan
I already use a Pet Porte microchip cat door for my 3 cats2 of whom are Maine Coons So when my daughters Maine Coon cross rescue cat decided it was time to venture out there was really only one catdoor that would do the trick Maine Coons are very large and a lot of other cat doors are on the small side She now has one very happyindependent cat
Excellent posted on 09/07/2014 by Heather
Excellent tracking system and fast delivery Instructions worked with scanning our cats chip and installing into a new conservatory double glazed unit with a circular cut out The 2 screws to mount it didnt hold it tight to our window pane at the top and may have allowed a little water to get in round the top so we used clear silicon to seal it all the way round Now just having to be patient in getting our young cat used to using it She doesnt like the door so were taping it open and will very gradually lower the flap from each side as suggested by another reviewer above We have it programmed on Open mode for this We turned off the beep too as this made our cat nervous Fingers crossed shell get used to it eventually
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