Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - White - Door or Wall Mounting
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Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - White - Door or Wall Mounting

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This white Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door is the ultimate solution in automatic cat flaps! Now you can make sure that only your cat gains entry to your house. It is designed to read the most common type of microchip – the FDX-B and as well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode. There is also a night mode that automatically prevents your cat from going out during the hours of darkness but don’t worry, your cat can still get back in if already out when you set it! An audible beep lets you know when your cat comes home and there is also a vet mode that allows your cat to enter but not go out again.

The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door can be mounted in wood, pvc or glass doors as well as walls, and also fits traditional cat flap openings. It requires a cut out of 21.2cm diameter for glass, or a square cut out of 16.9cm x 16.9cm to fit to wood or PVC, with the addition of an extra screw hole.

Weatherproofed, this cat door has a reliable locking mechanism as well as a draught excluder and you can choose a ‘power-off’ state so that a cut in power to the Smart Flap will result in either an automatic-lock mode or in the Smart Flap remaining open. As well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode.

Extension tunnel to fit doors up to 5.2cm thick
Size of opening for cat: 16 x 16cm
Length of power cable: 2.5m
Please be aware that if your nearest power point is more than 2.2m away then you will require an extension cable, also sold by PetPlanet.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a UK ONLY electrical product. We cannot be held responsible for any problems should this product be used outwith the UK.

Please click the links below for further info:

Smart Flap User Manual

Smart Flap Cutting Template

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Customer Reviews:
Excellent posted on 09/07/2014 by Heather
Excellent tracking system and fast delivery Instructions worked with scanning our cats chip and installing into a new conservatory double glazed unit with a circular cut out The 2 screws to mount it didnt hold it tight to our window pane at the top and may have allowed a little water to get in round the top so we used clear silicon to seal it all the way round Now just having to be patient in getting our young cat used to using it She doesnt like the door so were taping it open and will very gradually lower the flap from each side as suggested by another reviewer above We have it programmed on Open mode for this We turned off the beep too as this made our cat nervous Fingers crossed shell get used to it eventually
Moved house so got another posted on 21/04/2014 by Graham
Was so happy with first one we bought that when we moved into rented accommodation for 2 years we bought another of these as it works so well
Brilliant posted on 13/03/2014 by Kirpi
We have three cats about 10 years old and they've always used magnetic cat flaps however one of them kept losing his collar and locking himself out. We left the cat flap open but then we found we'd opened a cat restaurant where the customers emptied the bowls and left without paying. The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip cat flap is the ideal solution. Our cats took to it straight away and are not bothered by the beep we can lock in the programme so that the grandchildren cant change it and our cat food bills are noticeably smaller. The instructions are clear and the flap is very robust and closes properly without sticking. Programming it is easy and I love the fact that its plugged into the mains so we don't have to worry about the battery failing whilst we're away and mum in law is looking after our boys. Highly recommended.
Great value posted on 05/02/2014 by catmad11
Recieved item within days of ordering it. Very pleased, had one before great for keeping out other cats so my cats are not stressed.
Great cat flap posted on 19/01/2014 by Gina
ordered this cat flap for my mums cat he wont wear a collar so others available in shops will not be suitable Little worried this might not work but its great he took to it straight away hesitated a little first few goes because it beeps as he goes through But soon got over that Now the other cat that used to come in and pinch his food cant The cat flap is nice quality easy to fit and very easy to programme just hold your cat in front of the flap bleeps and is done Good buy
Good Buy posted on 13/11/2013 by Jk
Having all ready purchased this cat flap before when my daughter got her rescue cat I knew what a great buy they are Her cat really took to the flap and it is great as it only lets her in
Brilliant Fantastic Amazing Well worth the money posted on 20/10/2013 by english590
This is the best item I have bought for my cat Its great for my peace of mind knowing other cats cant gain entry My cat loves the freedom it has given him I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a cat that has a micro chip You will never regret having bought this product It does take a bit of time to programme it for the first time but it is time well spent and once it is programmed then you dont have to do it again as the memory stores the time for opening and locking What a fantastic piece of equipment
Well worth the extra cost posted on 01/11/2012 by shabs72
My cat is not strongly territorial a bit of a scaredy cat and therefore a candidate for being kicked out of his own home by another cat I purchased this cat flap earlier this year the best price by far was found on pet planet to give him the freedom he needed to go in and out while Im at work all day I have heard on a couple of occasions another cat trying and failing to gain entry through the flap Last night I was awakened by the noise so its clear a lot of effort was being made to come in through my cats door This is a brilliant product well made and the number of locking opening settings is impressive The ability to programme up to 31 animals chips should accommodate even the largest of menageries Id suggest getting the door and wall mounted version unless you have a flat and thin door to attach it to mine has mouldings that mean I need to use the wall extension to mount it on the door
Where is the cat posted on 20/10/2012 by Brian Drury
Tis is a brilliant product and gives our cat freedom hence the title to be in or out Although fiddly to fit especially in panelled wooden doors where I had to make a spacer each side to cover the section that was over the panel it fitted very well As with all such things READ THE INSTRUCTIONS They were clear and easy to follow for any competent diy person Our cat is still growing and was an RSPCA rescue abandoned as a kitten in a vacated flat She was nervous of the flap at firstso we worked out ways to encourage her The idea of taping the flap open in the instructions was good and got her used to going out of the hole Then we gradually reduced the amount the flap was open every few days This did mean that once she went out for example we then had to tape it slightly open in the opposite direction till she came through then reverse that again Fiddly but rather than trying to entice her through with favourite toys or food even more time consuming and it didnt work anyway Once we got to the point were the flap was only just off the catches at the bottom and she was pushing it as she would need to to enter she seemed to accept the action after a few days and now uses the flap regularly It seems like several times a minute the delay doesnt have time to reset before shes back in the house With coming through the open flap the click of the operation didnt bother her although the beeping did so we cancelled that It has given her and us much more freedom Thank you for this equipment and the excellent delivery service especially the tracker capability which meant we knew when to be at home or warn the neighbours of delivery
Complex user interface and draft seal sometimes stops door closing posted on 07/07/2014 by Alex
The RFID tech works extremely well. However some parts of the design don't work all the time. One particular problem is that the door sometimes doesn't return to its straight down position and blocks the green lock from locking. I'm guessing that the lock then tries to return to its upright position but is blocked and rather than burning the solenoid out it unlocks the door. This then leaves it open for our neighbourhood tom to come and spray in the house. We've possibly solved this problem buy sellotaping 3 coins to the bottom of the door to make sure it returns to the downward position and this is working ,its only been a few days. Perhaps this is something they could consider for the next version. Also the user interface must have been designed by an engineer its complex with lots of button presses Youll have to keep the large manual handy if you ever want to change the settings.

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