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Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 400g

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Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 400g

Product Code: 58362
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food provides your cat with a diet as nature intended. Evolution adapted cats to thrive on a diet of rich and varied animal proteins, not carbohydrates and grains and that is exactly what is contained in this food choice. Completely grain free, it features a diversity of premium meats including free-run chicken, whole eggs, wild caught fish and Walleye delivered fresh and frozen and without preservatives. This formula promotes peak conditioning in cats of all breeds and ages. It meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all ages.

Contains 65% premium animal ingredients, 35% regional fruits and vegetables and 0% grain!

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Good Value and Good Nutrition posted on 26/12/2016 by msheridan124
Product Reviewed: 6.8kg
This is my cats second favourite dry food and they eat a lot of it. Main Coons and Norwegians need food available constantly but some of them will stuff themselves to the point of vomiting if allowed. For my 5 cats I put 80g of Acana in each of the four trays of a twenty four hour feeder (and the same with another brand of dry food in another feeder) so they get fresh dry food every 6 hours. This supplements their wet feed in the evening and a raw meat meal in the morning. There is rarely any wasted. Since the cats are usually in robust good health I would say this is value for money.
Love it posted on 13/10/2016 by Pam March
Product Reviewed: 6.8kg
My bengals have been eating this for 3 months now and you can truly see a difference. Their coats are really more beautiful, glossy and full of glitter. Their eyes are brighter they just look better on this food also Jem who was looking over weight and bloated is looking a lot sleeker and no bloating. I would recommend this food to any cat owner.
Love it all cats love it posted on 15/08/2014 by ccrutland
Product Reviewed: 6.8kg
Always smell fresh which encouraged my fussy eater
posted on 20/10/2012 by Cynthia
Product Reviewed: Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 2.5kg
What can I say The cats and the dog when he can sneak a snoutful of swag when the cats not looking go mad for the Acana They love it so much I can even get away with using it as a treat so long as I rattle it around in an empty treatie container
A Refreshing change posted on 30/08/2012 by mummyv
Product Reviewed: Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 400g
My old cat is not only very picky about his dried food it mustnt be too big or too crunchy but most kibble gives him the most terrible wind its like mustard gas This kibble makes a big impact on that problem It is also very cost efficient as a very small amount fills him up So ten out of ten for this from me and the cat
Loved it posted on 19/07/2012 by Mia
Product Reviewed: Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 400g
The biscuits are natural coloured like a dark brown their small fairly thin and disk shaped making them really easy for the cats to crunch Both my cats loved them and didnt pester for more food afterwards so i think they satisfied and filled them up really well I bought the small trail bag 450g i think and with two food loving cats it lasted about 4 days which is good it was all eaten because usually my cats dont eat biscuits and they go off before their used So great value considering none gets wasted
great value posted on 05/04/2012 by calico147
Product Reviewed: 7kg
Great value for high quality cat food Purchased this food for one of my cats with a delicate digestive systemseems to have worked So far no more tummy upsets and he is considerably less smelly I will be feeding my other two cats on Acana as well
Good Healthy Food posted on 28/02/2012 by missvxr
Product Reviewed: 7kg
Im one of those cat owners who prides themselves on making sure my cats eat the best possible diets for them and this definitely ticks all the boxes for me and my cats. They really enjoy it and since changing to wholesome no wheat foods like this their coats, teeth and health have all been so much better. You definitely can't go wrong with this food.
Happy Cats posted on 16/09/2011 by Sarah
Product Reviewed: Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food 400g
I have 2 Siamese cats who both are very fussy I have tried a number of different dried foods well known brands and they turn there noses up so i thought i would try this one Well is just amazing they both love it Hurray I will defintiley be ordering more Happy cats and happy me
cats seem to like it posted on 14/04/2012 by rdewe
Product Reviewed: 7kg
I have two cats an elderly tom who perhaps through lack of teeth prefers soft wet food and a young female who just moved in which prefers dried but both are pretty fussy The female definitely likes the Acana and the tom now creeps over to her dish for a surreptitious nosh unheard of previously I have tried some other high protein kibbles but this seems as good as any Recommended
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