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Kong Cat Zoom Groom

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Ideal for removing old and dead hairs from your cat, this Kong Zoom Groom is an excellent grooming brush. It removes loose hair like a magnet and effectively reduces hair balls whilst at the same time is stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for a healthy skin and coat.

  • Easy to use
  • Gentle with no sharp bristles

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    good product great idea posted on 30/10/2014 by
    this is a good product and great idea as its easy to use and my cat loves being groomed with it so happy days around
    posted on 30/10/2014 by
    Good value for money posted on 14/04/2014 by
    This is great at removing loose hair from my kitten who has a habit of play fighting with anything I try to groom her with. As the bristles are soft and rubbery they pick up quite a bit of hair even if I only get a few brushes in.
    PawSome grooming device posted on 03/11/2013 by
    Both my cats hate being groomed One is short haired and nervous and grooming involves trying to stop her escaping The other is long haired and a bit mardy so I need lots of treats and spend the whole time trying not to lose a finger With the Zoom Groom I dont need treats and I still have all my fingers They both love it and infact keep coming back for more instead of trying to get away
    I love this product posted on 10/09/2013 by
    Cromwell the cat is on his second one of these Zoom Grooms After years of happy use the old one got grubby and suffered a chewing He leans into it when you brush him with a face showing sheer contentment and it has an amazing ability to remove hair Id recommend this to anyone with a cat
    My cats adore this comb it is a treat posted on 29/08/2012 by
    My three cats all hate being groomed with normal combs but they literally queue up to be groomed with this one It is easy to handle easy to clean removes lots of moult very gently and costs very little compared with all the happiness and health it confers on cats This is a firstrate product and Id recommend it to anyone
    Comfortable to hold posted on 29/06/2012 by
    A quick daily brush of my Norwegian Forest cats with this removes lots of dead hair keeping hairballs to a minimum Cats enjoy being brushed with this over any other grooming tool Good value too
    excellent brush posted on 25/06/2012 by
    We didn't realise bekie had so much dead hair in her coat, really good brush
    great posted on 21/06/2012 by
    Cat likes it and it does the job
    I love it as does our cat posted on 23/05/2012 by
    A fantastic buy. It gets up so much hair and our cat actually wants to be groomed now instead of running away

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