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Green Dog Turkey & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food 2kg

Product Code: 55662
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Green Dog Turkey and Brown Rice Adult 2kg is not only the healthy alternative, it actually takes into account the holistic needs of your dog. Sounds a bit extreme? Far from it, when you read about what this food offers we are sure that you will consider giving it a try. With natural ingredients, your dog will enjoy the taste as well as reap all the benefits that natural produce bring. As the effects of feeding this choice of food are starting to be realised, it is not surprising that there have been so many happy customers and pets alike.

Suitable for all breeds, this food offers the following unique selling points:

  • 100% Natural ingredients in fact no synthetic ingredients at all. It includes human grade meat, mixed cereals, vegetables and mixed herbs.
  • Natural control of worms, fleas and ticks. Keep a control on these parasites daily through the choice of food. This means that you dont have to keep up with a regular treatment cycle. (except in cases where your pet is prone to infection or a puppy) This food supports the immune system and provides specific herbage to disrupt the breeding cycle.
  • Herbal Vitamins and minerals no artificial additives that can cause further problems in themselves.
  • Hypoallergenic / Holactive.
  • Value for money.
  • You have the option to add some wholesome extras up to 20% of your dogs diet - and this will lead to a great variety that your dog will love and at the same time will not imbalance the food.

We all know that what goes it is what comes out and any repercussions health wise can be attributed to diet. This food could be the answer, should your dog be suffering from chronic health problems.

Ingredients: Turkey . Rice. Oats . Barley . Mixed Vegetables . Mixed herbs.
Micro-nutrient analysis:Vitamins: A, Beta Carotene, C, D, E, K, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, B complex, Choline, Folic Acid, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Phos, Selenium, Zinc. Plus all other essential elements.
Macro nutrient analysis: Protein - 22%, Oil - 9.5%, Fibre - 3%, Ash - 5%.

Click here for feeding guide. Requires Adobe Reader.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Our two dogs love this food posted on 15/07/2015 by thorpengineering
Product Reviewed: 12kg
We have been buying Green Dog for our two dogs for about 18 months now - they love it and their coat is beautiful. Really disappointed though because a couple of times Pet Planet have not been able to deliver on time (this last time by 3 weeks !!!! ) and because Green Dog is not in stock at pet shops, we have run out and had to buy another brand. Saying that - we will carry on buying it.
Deeeeee licious posted on 13/01/2015 by Leona
Product Reviewed: 2kg
After a long detailed conversation with my dog she confirmed she enjoys her Green Dog immensely Phoebe our Ruby cavalier King Charles has been fed Green dog from 12 weeks onwards starting with the Puppy Turkey and RIceand then Adult from 12 months onwards She adores it cant wait for mealtimes with smacking lips and wagging tail and she has a beautiful glossy coat No complaints here highly recommend Green Dog to fussy eaters
Great quality dog food posted on 12/12/2014 by SamfaB
Product Reviewed: 12kg
A great quality dog food not the cheapest out there but only the best for my boys weve tryed differant dry foods with our labs and this really suits them and they like it So thats the best review ever 128062
My dog thrives on this food posted on 15/09/2014 by Tracy Y
Product Reviewed: 12kg
Tried various foods for my 3 year old chichuahuajack russell terrier but she still suffered from itching hair loss and an upset stomach Green dog was recommended by my local pet shop and almost instantly her digestive system settled down and over a couple of months the itching stopped and all her fur grew back I try to support my local shops but as the pet shop charges 5 more per 12 kg bag i now shop at petplanet and i am really pleased with the service they provide
EXCELLENT NATURAL FOOD LIKE RAW posted on 05/06/2014 by louise R
Product Reviewed: 2kg
I feed my shepherd raw but i still like to use dry to make sure he gets what he needs supplement wise So i was looking round for a the most natural dry food around and this has been excellent no rubbish in it or anything I think of it as a dry food but healthy just as raw is x29 great food will keep buying I feed raw in the day and this at night for his last meal as you cant really feed them mixed together you can upset the tummy if you do that
Both dogs love Green Dog posted on 25/01/2014 by sam
Product Reviewed: 12kg
My 5 year old Border collie X has been on Green dog for the last 3 12 years she used to suffer really badly with upset tum but since being on green dog she hasnt had a problem We also have a rescue 2 12 year old mongrel and she has taken to the food with no probs Pet planet are cheapest around even cheaper than Green dog themselves
Fantastic food posted on 01/09/2013 by greenngirl
Product Reviewed: 12kg
My dog has been eating this food for over a year now and I have noticed a real difference Since using this food she has not had a flea problem and I dont even need to Frontline her any more Her coat is seems thicker and much healthier too and whats more she loves the food She is now 17 and I dont think she wouldve lasted this long without the help of this food
Fab for everything posted on 23/11/2012 by lu
Product Reviewed: 12kg
Ted had a sensitive tummy so we searched a few foods this settled his tum and is better value than others we have tried He has been eating it for 2years now I also bought it because I was so useless at remembering flea and worm treatments and thought it was worth a try for when I forgot I have never treated Ted for fleas since and hes never had them and he had never had worms til we moved this month previous owner had 2 dogs and cat and my son got them too and Ted only ever had 3 ticks they were all in the same week We walk lots of meadows and woods
Great value posted on 29/08/2012 by Liz
Product Reviewed: 12kg
I have been using this food for 2 years and have noticed a distinct different in the health and vitality of my dogs 2 Springer spaniels and 1 Jack RusselBorder terrier cross It also keeps flea and tick infestation down Highly Recommended
Delicious says Jonah posted on 30/07/2012 by Rosie
Product Reviewed: 12kg
I was recommended to try Green Dog by a friend who has had more than six GSDs Green Dog was recommended to her by a breedertrainer as being an ideal quality food Our very large GSD is getting older now and although he has been happy on his previous food we want to keep him as trim as possible especially given that he had an elbow problem when he was a puppy and has a gammy gait as a result Jonah is exercised regularly but doesnt hurtle around quite like he used to and I feel that the quality ingredients of Green Dog will help maintain optimum fitness and trimness for him as he grows older and slows down We love Green Dog and whats more so does Jonah The cat loves the smell is there an equivalent food for him
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