Bermuda Banish Pond Sludge - 500ml
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Bermuda Banish Pond Sludge - 500ml

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Sludge in your pond or filter system is not only unsightly but also a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. The Bermuda Banish Pond Sludge is a very effective method of removing this problem. Pond sludge is the build up of organic matter on the bottom of your pond from common pond debris such as fish faeces, fallen leaves or invasive pond weeds. The problem is that this build up of organic matter increases the demand for oxygen which then leads to anoxic (no oxygen) conditions which further increases the rate of accumulation.

Bermuda Banish Pond Sludge will break this harmful cycle. It is an easy to use, fast and effective resolution that does not affect the natural balance of your pond and is safe for your fish and pond plants too.

  • Wildlife safe
  • Pet safe

    Capacity: 500ml
    Coverage: 11365 Litres


    Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

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