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Cats Best Nature Gold Clumping Wood Cat Litter 20Lt

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Cats Best Gold Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres, and is an ideal clumping litter for long haired cats that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

Gold Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made up of organic pellets that are heavier and have a lower tracking effect. As a result, they don't stick to fur, even with long-haired cats and therefore don't get carried out of the litter tray. Moisture and odours are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibres' ultrafine capillary system. This stops odours developing over a long period of time all without chemical additives.

  • Compostable and 100 % biodegradable.
  • Mini-Power-Pellets.
  • Lower tracking effect ideal for long haired cats.
  • Doesn't get carried out of the litter tray.
  • The natural Odour and Germ Trap.
  • Excellent odour retention.
  • Super economical: Base content may remain 4-6 weeks in the cat toilet.
  • Naturally soft to the paws.
  • Excellent absorption More than 700 % absorption.
  • Organic: from 100 % natural organic fibres.
  • Significantly less waste.
  • Waste clumps can be disposed* of in the normal household toilet (*be sure to check your local disposal regulations).

You will love this cat litter as it is a long lasting, environmentally friendly litter that traps germs and smells, and your cat will love it as it is kind to their paws.

Contents: 10kg, 20 litres

Cats Best Gold Clumping Wood Cat Litter is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre raw material without artificial and chemical additives. For the production of Cats Best Gold only the finest organic fibres are used, which come from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood. These plant products come from well managed forests, and for this Cats Best is certified according to PEFC.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Stops tracking posted on 05/02/2015 by julie isaac
Product Reviewed: 20L
This is really good as the pellets are large and this does stop tracking around the home
Cats Like using it posted on 05/12/2014 by PennyD
Product Reviewed: 20L
No false scent added to this litter which is added to some other products and so no resultant nasty smells. Excellent for my two Maine Coone long haired cats as litter does not scatter over the floor. Cats like using it and it is very easy to scoop out of trays. Have tried other cat litters but always come back to this one.
Great for longhaired cats posted on 13/11/2014 by Katie
Product Reviewed: 20L
This cat litter is one of the best Ive found for my Ragdoll Because it is wood pellets it doesnt get stuck to his fur and is better for the environment and can be put down the loo This is the only wood pellet litter I have found that is also clumping making it far easier to clean and means the litter lasts loads longer Great buy
posted on 30/10/2014 by Caroline
Product Reviewed: 20L
As a breeder I use lots of litter this litter has saved me a lot of time and money i buy 2 x 20 ltr bags per month for 4 cats 5 traysPrevious litter I was using 25 ltr per week spending on average 28 per week I highly recommend this litter I just wish I had heard of it few years ago
Wouldnt use anything else now posted on 16/10/2013 by tfraser2009
Product Reviewed: 10L
Very economical and no litter traipsed all over the place
effective and the cat liked it posted on 19/09/2013 by Lynne
Product Reviewed: 20L
Did a lot of research and chose this brand as it came out top for longhaired cats Although pricey its actually very good value because it clumps so well that not much is thrown away after use It also deals with smell well We only needed cat litter for 3 weeks till our cat was allowed out and the 20 litre sack is now sat in a shed over 34 full Cat seemed happy with it too
Saved us alot of money posted on 04/06/2013 by jasonmarkham
Product Reviewed: 20L
My Ragdoll cat hated the Catsan but since my groomer recommended this to me I have had not more accidents on the Sofa which cost me alot of money every time to get it cleaned
Not for the litter spinner posted on 29/08/2012 by KB
Product Reviewed: 10L
This litter really is excellent in terms of clumping ability and not tracking all over the place It is not however suitable for the litter spinner as the pellets are too large to pass through the filter drawer easily Its a shame they dont make them slightly smaller as it would be just perfect otherwise
The best Ive found posted on 23/08/2012 by HanSpan
Product Reviewed: 20L
Not cheap but it diminishes the smell of very stinky kitten poo It clumps wonderfully so there is no left over damp litter in the tray after scooping I think the kitten prefers the standard Cats best but I find that tracks more and the clumps break up so I will be sticking with this
Couldnt manage without it posted on 05/08/2012 by Mrs Smith
Product Reviewed: 20L
This is the best cat litter on the market. It really is Natures Gold. It may be more expensive than some other cat litters but it is economical and masks smells really well & it also clumps well. It also lasts a long time.
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