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Royal Canin Home Life Indoor 27 Cat Food

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Royal Canin Home Life Indoor 27 Cat Food contains highly digestible protein L.I.P. and helos to help reduce the quantity and odour of stools produced by cats that spend their days indoors.

  • Moderate calorie.
  • Stool odour reduction.
  • Hairball reduction.
  • For adult cats living indoors.

This diet has a moderate fat content which is adapted to the lower activity of indoor cats. Royal Canin Home Life Indoor 27 Cat Food also helps stimulate the elimination of ingested hair thanks to specific fibres, including psyllium, to make sure your feline friend is healthy and happy.

Suitable for: Adult Cats living Indoors from 1-7 years old.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
All 3 cats love these (they all taste the same to me!) posted on 02/01/2017 by armaguddun
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I have 3 cats now, I used to have five (two became ill and had to be terminated) but they have all grown up eating Royal Canin Indoor 27 cat biscuits, even the kitten waded into them as soon as I got her home. The cats have spoken - they love these biscuits! Thanks to petplanet.co.uk, your price and service was excellent too.
Good value for size of the bag posted on 06/08/2016 by Sharon
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I changed from James well beloved to Royal Canin for my 2 house cats unfortunately after 3 weeks of continuously being sick I've had to change one of my cats back to James well beloved.. I took my cat to the vet and the said Royal Canin is a very rich food and my cat has a sensitive stomach. I would recommend James well beloved as since my cat has returned to James well beloved he's back to his usual self.
My cats love it posted on 15/02/2015 by Lvp89
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My cats love this dry food and refuse to eat anything else
Pefect food My cat love it posted on 05/01/2015 by ilva
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Great seller Im always happy with products and delivering time
Fantastic Value for money posted on 30/12/2014 by Jemima
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Will def buy from again Very quick delivery Excellent price
Im sticking with this food posted on 29/04/2014 by jennacide
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Brilliant food for an indoor cat My moggy needed to lose a little weight and since swapping to these biscuits she has done so She really seems to enjoy them too Also may be TMI but she can have a sensitive stomach and weve had no explosive outputs on this food x28sorryx29 and smells have been greatly reduced Even her fur is looking thicker and glossier Price seems steep but 10kg is A LOT Ive had my current bag since the end of January and still have enough left for at least a couple more weeks and its totally worth it to have a food the cat likes and is good for her
Good quality food posted on 31/03/2014 by Karolina
Product Reviewed: 10kg
My cat was previously on Applaws kitten food I wanted her to have something different and less smelly so based on good reviews went for this. Royal Canin indoor dry food Lady absolutely loves it. She is quite fussy so I was worried that she wouldnt like the change. This food doesnt have a strong odour I have also noticed that since Lady is on this dry food her stool smells a lot less too I would 100 recommend royal canin indoor food.
Good quality posted on 10/03/2014 by lyndagodfrey
Product Reviewed: 10kg
My cats love Royal Canin food both the biscuits and the wet food as the ingredients are better than lots out there I have 2 rag doll and a Persian cat whilst they are not fussy they need good quality food.
My cats tore the bag open to get to it posted on 30/12/2013 by Lisa
Product Reviewed: 10kg
This is the first time Ive used this product and it wont be the last easy to store easy to dish out and my cats tore 2 holes in the bag to get to it rather than wait for me to open it Would definitely recommend if you are tired of the smell of other cat foods in the house
Cats love it posted on 13/11/2013 by jafrika
Product Reviewed: 4kg
Our two Toms have loved this food from the start we have been using this for quite some time great food great service and price from Pet Planet We mix this with Hills Science Plans food for sensitive skin for our one Tom and great to get them both delivered also lasts a long time
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