Bronte Glen Traditional Vet Bedding
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Bronte Glen Traditional Vet Bedding

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Hailed as the best quality vet bedding in Europe, Bronte Glenís traditonal vet bedding is a hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic veterinary drybed made from deep pile to provide a high level of heat retention. With a double-woven backing that makes it harder to chew, Bronte Glen traditional vet bedding is autoclave machine washable at 90deg, can be washed outside with a Jetwash, and can be either tumble or drip-dried. Made in Yorkshire, Bronte Glen traditional vet bedding is the professionalís choice, recommended and used by vets throughout Europe.

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Customer Reviews:
Fantastic Value posted on 01/03/2014 by Jane H
Product Reviewed: 75cm x 75cm
Ordered this product following good reviews on this website. Was not disappointed. Fantastic quality better than any I've seen elsewhere. Will definitely be ordering more for our new puppy.
we love it posted on 27/02/2014 by sheena121
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
Excellent, easy to clean just run hoover over it it doesnt smell like other beds do like it so much have ordered more.
Excellent value for money posted on 17/02/2014 by Sareds74
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
Great value product without compromising on quality Just as good as more expensive alternatives I bought a large bed which I have cut into 4 pieces to fit in my pups cage and have spares Couldnt possibly get 4 beds for that price anywhere else Ive washed one of the pieces and tumble dried it It has kept its shape appearance and fluffiness Will definitely buy again
Puppies loved it posted on 16/02/2014 by bstewartthomas
Product Reviewed: 75cm x 75cm
Placed in Border Collies whelping box and they are all now exctremely cosy and comfortable Easy to launder and quickly dries
Excellent product posted on 29/01/2014 by GSD owner
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
Very happy with product Bought 4 2 to cover current beds of 2 GSDs who find them comfortable Really easy to Hoover in fact better than any previous bed as after hoovering no hairs are left on them Really happy to have bought them
Superb product lasts years posted on 24/01/2014 by nickm
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
This product is fabulous I have a few pieces of this bedding so I have a spare when one is being washed They are not expensive but the value is fantastic they get a lot of muck off dog coats while they lie on them they are washed really well and dry very quickly I have had many of my vet bed pieces for many years and they dont deteriorate at all and pups cant chew it either Dont buy cheap imitated product its really not worth the money They are also very comfortable for the dog to sleep on and keep them warm I use them to line other beds so protecting the beds and reducing the need to wash the bed as often
A surprise posted on 17/01/2014 by gordon57
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
A huge surprise To our surprise the dogs love it Refuse to sleep on anything else Warm hygienic easily washable One of those products you wish youd discovered when you had your first dogsWell buy more Cannot recommend too highly Great for lining the dog space at the back of the car
excellent product posted on 10/01/2014 by paulafieldsend69
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
Ordered this due to pregnant bitch She and pups love it Was great price and quick delivery
excellent product posted on 16/11/2013 by amblelea111
Product Reviewed: 100cm x 75cm
Very soft kittens love it it washes well and stays soft and fluffy
Excellent product posted on 25/10/2013 by emailjulieann
Product Reviewed: 75cm x 75cm
I found this site and advised vet bed best to getIt was thick fluffy my puppy loves itAfter an accident it was washedtumble dried came out fluffy soft

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