Ancol Happy at Heel Harness and Lead Set
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Ancol Happy at Heel Harness and Lead Set

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Install discipline and make sure your dog walks by your side with the Ancol Happy at Heel at Harness and Lead Set.

Preventing dogs from pulling, lunging and jumping up, this complete set is comfortable to wear and is made out of super strong nylon. The set has been designed in a specific way so as to prevent your pet from hurting themselves when they pull, making sure they canít generate any momentum.

Including a free demo DVD, this is a worthwhile investment if your dog has a tendency to misbehave, causing stress for both themselves and owner.

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Customer Reviews:
posted on 16/08/2014 by val peebles
Product Reviewed: Large
I am very pleased with the product Kali x28my retrieverx29 is happy to wear it but she still pulls excessivelyas I have only had her for 4 months being a rescue who had been left to run the streets but we are progressing slowly but as she is happy to wear it then I am happy would highly recommend
Problem Solved posted on 02/06/2014 by annebolton5560
Product Reviewed: Medium
I have a whippet cross who was very hard to control with a collar and lead An ordinary mesh harness improved her behaviour somewhat stopped her pulling as much but someone recommended a Halti I came on Pet Planet to read reviews and came across the Ancol Happy at Heel Harness Reviews were very favourable so I thought What can I lose very pleased to say that from the first moment the harness was on my dog walked calmly at my side with no pulling even on first opening the door Its amazing Now buying another for my sons very bouncy energetic German Shepherd
love it an entirely different way of walking my boisterous dog posted on 09/05/2014 by robblair1873
Product Reviewed: Medium
my dog pulled me every where he wanted to go purchased this leash and now he goes were i want to go would highly recommend product
great answer to problem posted on 02/04/2014 by spiritdancer21
Product Reviewed: Medium
Never believed anything would work, very energetic 2 yr old dog and it does work he's a pleasure to take walking now. Not quite there on heel yet but he doesn't pull now. Thankyou .
This is the best Harness Ever posted on 27/03/2014 by Aly G
Product Reviewed: Medium
I bought this for my dog who was pulling constantly on the lead and choking himself I could not believe the difference that it made straight away. Would recommend this to anyone.
I loved it posted on 03/03/2014 by peetm
Product Reviewed: Large
I bought this for my six month old dog she did not pull on a collar and lead but did have a tendency to suddenly lurch in the direction of something interesting. This caused her to choke on the collar and my arm was jerked. With this harness she is a pleasure to walk no more sudden jerking and I would recommend it its well made and the large size fits her on its smallest setting so will grow with her.
Fantastic posted on 17/02/2014 by valledger
Product Reviewed: Small
We have a very lively 7 month old Golden Retriever and it is now wonderful to take her for her walk She shows no sign whatsoever of distress whilst wearing it and the harness is so easy to put on and take off So glad we found it and will spread the good news to other dog owners
Brilliantjust what we have been looking for posted on 12/02/2014 by Debzo
Product Reviewed: Medium
We have three different dogs all of whom have big personalities and tend to pull and get excitable on the lead. We have tried every product to stop this and just when we were about to admit defeat we discover the Happy at Heel Harness and Lead Set which has made walkies so much more enjoyable.
posted on 31/12/2013 by Valtucker
Product Reviewed: Medium
I have a lively rescue Springer Spaniel he is one A nightmare to walk pulling all the time tried the Happy at heel harness he likes wearing it And it is a lot more comfortable for me However he still pulls on the lead does this take time I have implemented all the tips in the video Also my son pointed out that he is so excited when he is put back on the lead after a run that it is difficult to put the lead back on
happy dog owner posted on 20/12/2013 by deken66
Product Reviewed: X Large
this works if you have a hound pulling you all over the place and lunging at cats birds dogs tractors horses and other interesting possible play things buy one from the beginning you will be glad you did easy to put on and get off strong and durable works so well from first use you will be worried its a fluke but be assured it works all the time you will be happy comfortable and relaxed on your walkies and your naughty hound will become your best pooch pal again Most important this will make walking your dog safe for both of you even on splippy winter paths I live in Scotland so can already confirm this Enjoy

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