Pampuss Wood Cat Litter
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Pampuss Wood Cat Litter

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Pampuss Wood Cat Litter keeps your litter tray fresh and clean. It is a great natural product from a sustainable source and consists of highly absorbent, pine fresh wood pellets.

Available in 2 sizes, 15 litres or 30 litres. Please click on links below:

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Customer Reviews:
Pampuss wood cat litter posted on 26/08/2014 by lizcats
Product Reviewed: 30L
I have 3 older cats and a kitten and I have tried other litters in the past but nothing beats Pampuss wood litter I like it because the cats like it and I would not change from using this product to any other It is also very affordable
Great Value posted on 09/08/2014 by marie1005
Product Reviewed: 15L
Great value for money There is not much you can say about cat litter
Best Litter Ever Used posted on 23/05/2014 by jerryjo
Product Reviewed: 30L
Truly this is the best Cat Litter we have ever used Its not dusty which all the others we have used were which incidentally would not be that great for the Cats themselves inhaling it in my opinionAt present we have six elderly Cats and they give paws up to it too Will definitely stick with this btw No odour either after Trays have been used just a slight pine smell Veryvery pleased with thisx29
Great stuff posted on 23/04/2014 by vanishedchart
Product Reviewed: 15L
Bought this in preparation for getting my kitten Owner was using Catsan but my kitten took to this straight away with no problems Fresh smelling hides smell very well x28I can only smell anything when I disturb my kittens solids when Im scooping them outx29
Cat loves this and so do we posted on 04/04/2014 by LouR64
Product Reviewed: 30L
Great cat litter and great value for money Admittedly I dont smell the wonderful pine fragrance that others smell but its my husband who deals with buying of litter and cleaning out his choice and he has chosen the Pampuss Wood Cat Litter as the best value and best litter overall It isnt my choice but then I Febreze everything as Im rather OCD Sorry
Great cat litter posted on 22/02/2014 by Miss Spooky
Product Reviewed: 30L
I had to get a new tray and litter for my cat shes previously been trained to go outside and has for the past few years with no accidents inside but after getting badly attacked by the neighbours almost feral cat shes too anxious to venture out when this cat is around so got her a new tray and litter. I struggled to decide what litter to get as i had no idea what she'd like or if she'd be fussy. I think she does her business near the pine trees at the back of the house and she also likes to climb and sit in them. I think I read this one has a slight pine scent so thought she might like it and it would be closer to an outside material that shes used to that was my logic lol. Also the great reviews and that it was natural sold it for me. On the first night she was straight in did her thing and has been great using it no hesitations. There has been no smell which is great as the tray is in my bedroom. No dust, no tracking out of the box either. I can easily spot where shes been as it turns to a lumpy sawdust easy to scoop it out then pop a couple of handfuls in to replace it and mix it around she happily goes back in night after night so it shows its easy to clean out the messy bit. Very happy. I did order this with other items so i got free delivery i'm not sure how its going to be price wise to keep ordering unless i maybe do a bulk order will have to see about that as it will be pricey for a bag plus delivery.
Good value posted on 03/12/2013 by JanW
Product Reviewed: 15L
I use this for my ferrets To be honest I dont notice the pine fragrance but the smell in the litter tray is nowhere near as bad as it was when Id been using various brands of cat litter With the other types of cat litter once my ferrets had used a corner of the tray once maybe twice theyd go to the next corner to do the same then wouldnt use it again start on the floor but they seem to prefer this providing me with a heap its not at all dusty like most litters Once it has been used the urine will seep through the top layer cause the pellets at the lower levels to disintegrate into granules but they are still very easy to remove from the litter tray providing you dont have a scoop with large gaps in it I use a metal scoop which has very small circular holes in it theyre probably only a couple of millimetres in diameter which means I dont get any falling through The pellets range in length from a centimetre to 2 centimetres some are longer The ease of cleaning these up compared to normal cat litter is amazing
I love this for my two Burmese cats and so do they posted on 22/09/2013 by Colin Charlie
Product Reviewed: 15L
This is such a great product before I always had pieces of cat litter all over the floor when one of my cats left the box but with this product you get the odd one or two pellets that manage to escape the cat box Usually they are unsoiled and are played with straight with both kitties Love the smell of fresh pine no worries about horrible odours Best of all you get so much and only need to use a little bit each time so great cost saving
Great posted on 26/07/2013 by reander
Product Reviewed: 30L
I was previously using another litter but it was awful for containing smell I switched to this and my kitten used it right away with no problems Its absorbent and great at controlling odours The amount of dust this litter has is minimal which was a problem i had with other litters
Great posted on 02/01/2013 by S Pinder
Product Reviewed: 30L
I have 3 fussy Burmese who dont understand they can use the outdoors as a toilet having being brought up indoors before they came to live with me They like wood cat litter and this is good value for money doesnt get carried through the house and doesnt smell Well worth it

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