Royal Canin Digestive Comfort 38
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Royal Canin Digestive Comfort 38

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Digestive Comfort has been formulated to help manage digestive issues and help reduce the risk of regurgitation. The double action of special kibbles designed to encourage chewing and a highly digestible formula including four different fibres helps to aid digestion and regulate intestinal transit. Cats fed on Digestive Comfort should see a 35% reduction in stool quantity after just 14 days exclusive use.

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Customer Reviews:
Loved by my two mainecoons posted on 06/03/2014 by Sarah
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My two mainecoon cat Arnie and Sapphire have been eating this brand since they were kittens. Always clean bowls they love it fast delivery service
Works well in a multi cat household posted on 06/10/2012 by bombaycat
Product Reviewed: 10kg
I have 4 cats with various gut issues one with chronic pancreatitis This food is enjoyed by all of them pretty well I do have to watch their weight and sometimes I mix in light food On the whole this is a good base food for longterm use
Great Idea posted on 06/09/2012 by Jk
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Very pleased with product, does exactly what was stated. Two very happy kitties in our house.
posted on 28/08/2012 by Fi
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Great Cat Food posted on 27/03/2012 by fbrownsmith
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My two cats really love this food I only just adopted the half brother of my first cat of 3 years 4 weeks ago when the breeder recommended it to me He is now 16 weeks old and thrives on it Of course my older cat has to have it too as she thinks it is very tasty
It works for our cat posted on 09/01/2012 by Nick
Product Reviewed: 400g
Theres a lot of different digestive foods out there and all of them are specific However what the vet prescriped Science Plans id didnt work So I picked this because of high fibre content and the cat doesnt have the blood in stool anymore Im tempted to try the counterpart soft food
Cats love it posted on 30/08/2011 by PaigesMum
Product Reviewed: 2kg
Our cats both love this food which is great as they had repeatedly turned their noses up at Hills Science Sensitive cat food and we needed something for a cat which had been throwing up with a sensitive stomach It has been a couple of months now a course of antacid from the vet and touch wood no more vomiting phew
I am SO please to have found this food posted on 18/08/2011 by tjbolton
Product Reviewed: 400g
We have three cats one of which has been unable to tolerate any biscuit at all until we found this one It means meal times are so much easier now that all three cats can eat the same thing
Dont feed to fibre intolerant cats posted on 01/08/2011 by princessleonie2013
Product Reviewed: 400g
Unfortunately my cat was throwing up repeatedly after eating it so I had to take it away She has a hairball problem and cannot digest dried food with fibres in it Looks like I will have to stick to Sensitivity Control wet food after allalthough my other healthy cat loves it and tries toi eat it too fast I now feed them separately
Peace of Mind posted on 01/05/2011
Product Reviewed: 10kg
This product gives me just that PEACE OF MIND I have two cats both of which have a tendency to gobble their food down leaving to me constantly cleaning up the mess since finding Digestive Comfort food this very rarely happens I no longer worry that they may have other problems that may cause them to be sick so you have a happy owner and two very happy cats I would recommend this product to anyone that have cats that enjoy their food a little too much

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