Acana Grasslands Dog Food
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Acana Grasslands Dog Food

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Acana Grasslands Dog Food is loaded with local lamb, whole eggs, wild-caught fish, and cage-free duck for a fresh meat diversity that mirrors your dog's natural diet and is suitable for all breeds and life stages. It is rich in meat proteins and grain-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, and also features fresh fruits and vegetables to provide your dog with a rich source of phytonutrients. It matches your dog's evolutionary adaptation to a meat and protein rich diet, and a rich variety of fresh, local meats mirrors the diversity and freshness Nature intended. A really tasty dog food that is just bursting with goodness to support your dog's peak health and immunity. A delicious way to keep your dog happy and strong.

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Food Multi-buy - buy 2x Acana Grasslands Dog Food 6.8kg and save 4!


Food Multi-buy - buy 2x Acana Grasslands Dog Food 13kg and save 4!

Customer Reviews:
our 4 months old cockapoo loves it posted on 08/12/2013 by Caira
Product Reviewed: 6.8kg
Our cockapoo girl has been on Acana grasslands for only few weeks now but she really likes it I have done lots of research on grain free dog food prior to choosing this one and I think I made the right decision So far so good
My Chihuahua loves it posted on 01/05/2012 by Cholas Princess Lola
Product Reviewed: 2.27kg
I have been feeding this to my 21 month old long coat Chihuahua for a few months and she is looking great on it. I leave a bowl down all day for her to snack on and then she has a small bowl of wet food at teatime for variety. Her coat is soft and shiny and her eyes are bright, I'd highly recommend this brand to those looking for a high quality dry dog food.
My doodle loves it! He's never been in better shape since I put him on the Acana Grasslands. posted on 26/03/2011 by Tracie Elmaleh
Product Reviewed: 13kg
There are never crumbs in the bottom of the bag when it finishes so less chance of dust mites and the like getting into the food. My golden doodle loves it and when he gets bored of one flavor we change to the other. He's in great shape and doesn't eat scraps outdoors like other doodles seem to do.
Brilliant Product posted on 16/03/2011 by Jude
Product Reviewed: 2.27kg
Due to some bad planning we weren't able to slowly move our Labradoodle on to this new food, but we experienced no problems at all with the sudden change thank goodness. You feed less than cheaper food, so it doesn't work out much more and our dog absolutely loves it! Sorry in advance - but he poops a lot less and they are so easy to pick up. It's a totally appropriate food for dogs with no wheat, grains etc... brilliant all round!
It has the Chi approval! posted on 14/12/2010 by Elle
Product Reviewed: 2.27kg
My chihuahua loves this food. I've fed Acana prairie and grasslands versions.. they are both great. I love that they're totally grain free, just good stuff! Without a doubt the best dog food on the market, just so pleased I can buy this online, as no shops near me sell this. Will continue to buy this and Orijen (made by the same company) forever for my dogs!
Good quality posted on 08/06/2010
Product Reviewed: 2.27kg
Received it very quickly. Have started to introduce it to my collie dog and she love it. The biscuits are a good size and have a good crunch. However, my little shih tzu doesn't like it very much so it might be a little too strong for him. However, i might try the other varieties as the quality is very good and the ingredients are fresh and nutritious.
Good Stuff posted on 02/05/2011 by Liz Hennel
Product Reviewed: 400g
My dogs get thsi when we go away camping they are normally raw fed This is a good substitute although I can see my guys getting a bit bored with it after a few days Their tummies cope well with the change of diet and although they produce huge stools they are not offensive better than on other commercial foods

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